The limits of Push-button Publishing

Moveable TypeA while back, Jason Kottke began tweaking his site layout, merging his “remainder” links into the daily thread of his weblog, and creating a different look for “Featured” posts such as movie and book reviews.

When I last redesigned (now more than a year ago), I thought a lot about how to use MT categories, and the importance of drawing a visual distinction between featured posts, and shorter daily posts. It was necessary to weigh certain types of posts as more relevant than others.

This not-so-creative solution was to use a styled post title & a unique icon—for music, movies, books, photos, & special posts—and leave non-featured posts unstyled (albeit bolded). Also, I try to use a small photo for each featured post. By using PHP and some MT template code, I was able to hack something together.

Jason’s method of using 5 weblogs for 5 different kinds of posts seems overly complicated and unwieldy for me, because I have other blogs on our domain. But, there is a point where PHP hacks can defeat the purpose of using “push-button publishing”.

I very much like his idea of embedding these remaindered links in the chronological thread of the weblog—Because these are timely links referencing current events or memes, why not?

I always thought Anil’s method of grouping links under a date would be almost meaningless for my site—as I only post 1 or 2 items per day. My Daily Bookmarks have no reference point—they are merely sorted descending by date. Once again, Jason gets me thinking…

2 Responses to “The limits of Push-button Publishing”

  • I enjoy blogging. I do it everyday. I don’t really care if someone is reading, but it’s fun.

    I used to use MT. I liked being on my own, but I also like being apart of a journaling communtiy.

  • Seems to me that if you could probably do the same thing with categories if you wanted. You’d have to do some serious template hacking, maybe some PHP magic (or perlscript with the plugin) to handle the different kinds of posts based on their category code…

    Doable, but still a lot of work. Kottke’s solution sounds complex, but I don’t think there’s a ‘simple’ way to do it, at least in MT.

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