Thanksgiving Prefix

We’re await­ing com­pa­ny for the hol­i­day– Pres­ley’s mom, mom’s boyfriend Marc, and sis­ter Kel­ly are join­ing us in a prop­er New Eng­land Thanksgiving.

The pump­kin and corn breads smell won­der­ful, the turkey is still thaw­ing, and we picked out a few nice wines to go with din­ner. Ok, so maybe the Puri­tans did­n’t drink French wine– or wine at all– but I’m stick­ing to the “prop­er New Eng­land Thanksgiving”.

The fun­ni­est part (to me) was that our 1‑month old Sears Ken­more refrig­er­a­tor died yes­ter­day– luck­i­ly we were able to shut­tle off var­i­ous bits to neigh­bors’ fridges, and get a repair­man to the apart­ment today. It’s not going to be Pieces of April (which inci­den­tal­ly is real­ly quite good, and you should go see it).

3 Responses to “Thanksgiving Prefix”

  • thanks­giv­ing isn’t my favorite amer­i­can holiday.

    why can’t chick­en be served, not turkey? the pil­grims won’t know. their dead anyhow.

  • because there’s no chal­lenge to roast­ing a chick­en. If you haven’t burnt all the tips off of your fin­gers try­ing lift 25 lbs of bird and juice out of a 400 degree oven then you have NOTHING to be thank­ful for.

  • I prob­a­bly eat chick­en 5–6 days out of the week. How often do you get the taste of a fresh­ly carved, but­ter/wine-bast­ed roast­ed turkey? If you’re lucky, once a year.

    Also, the stuff­ing is soooo good when it’s cooked inside the bird. mmmm…

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