Monthly Archive for December, 2003


I'm 26!I’m now twenty-six years old. And my girlfriend is making me cupcakes to take to work tomorrow (today).

Isn’t that wonderful?

First (real) Snow

Hastings Square, Cambridge

We in the northeast are getting our first snow storm of the year.

After venturing down to Quincy tonight, it was nice to find out that my Saab is actually quite good in the snow. We were back in Cambridge in one piece before the snow really started piling up.

It’ll be a nice weekend to curl up with a bottle of wine, a good book, & someone you love.

UPDATE: Snowsteria! (requires Quicktime)

The Rapture

The RaptureRoberto and Tbone invited me along to see the new “it” New York band-of-the-moment The Rapture thursday night, Downstairs at the Middle East. They did not disappoint.

You can call it “dancey”, disco, funk, post-punk, or Nouveau Garage — but don’t let those labels throw you — these guys want to rock. They remind me a lot of LA’s Moving Units, another great band that combines jangly guitars and disco drumming. But, with Cure-esque vocalisms, a fearsome cowbell solo, and enough energy to choke a horse, I couldn’t help but feeling that I was witnessing something truly inspired.

Earth to all you 80’s-haters– we’re back, and we’ll pogo you back into line!

Belated Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving Photo album I’ve finally found some time to post a few photos from our first Boston Thanksgiving — sadly, I didn’t remember to take any snaps once people arrived.

One of these days I will realize that you’re supposed to be timely about blogging…

This new album would have complimented nicely this Thanksgiving post, but I’m not that smooth.

UPDATE: Well, turns out I did take some additional photos… They were stuck on the ole’ Memory Stick. Too much Pinot Noir, perhaps…

World AIDS Day – Dec 1 2003

World AIDS DayToday is World AIDS Day, part of a campaign to increase awareness of HIV-related stigma and discrimination. Here are a few resources relating to the AIDS pandemic and World AIDS Day: