Monthly Archive for December, 2003


I'm 26!I’m now twen­ty-six years old. And my girl­friend is mak­ing me cup­cakes to take to work tomor­row (today).

Isn’t that wonderful?

First (real) Snow

Hastings Square, Cambridge

We in the northeast are getting our first snow storm of the year.

After ven­tur­ing down to Quin­cy tonight, it was nice to find out that my Saab is actu­al­ly quite good in the snow. We were back in Cam­bridge in one piece before the snow real­ly start­ed pil­ing up.

It’ll be a nice week­end to curl up with a bot­tle of wine, a good book, & some­one you love.

UPDATE: Snow­ste­ria! (requires Quicktime)

The Rapture

The RaptureRober­to and Tbone invit­ed me along to see the new “it” New York band-of-the-moment The Rap­ture thurs­day night, Down­stairs at the Mid­dle East. They did not disappoint.

You can call it “dancey”, dis­co, funk, post-punk, or Nou­veau Garage — but don’t let those labels throw you — these guys want to rock. They remind me a lot of LA’s Mov­ing Units, anoth­er great band that com­bines jan­g­ly gui­tars and dis­co drum­ming. But, with Cure-esque vocalisms, a fear­some cow­bell solo, and enough ener­gy to choke a horse, I could­n’t help but feel­ing that I was wit­ness­ing some­thing tru­ly inspired.

Earth to all you 80’s-haters– we’re back, and we’ll pogo you back into line!

Belated Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving Photo album I’ve final­ly found some time to post a few pho­tos from our first Boston Thanks­giv­ing — sad­ly, I did­n’t remem­ber to take any snaps once peo­ple arrived.

One of these days I will real­ize that you’re sup­posed to be time­ly about blogging…

This new album would have com­pli­ment­ed nice­ly this Thanks­giv­ing post, but I’m not that smooth.

UPDATE: Well, turns out I did take some addi­tion­al pho­tos… They were stuck on the ole’ Mem­o­ry Stick. Too much Pinot Noir, perhaps…

World AIDS Day — Dec 1 2003

World AIDS DayToday is World AIDS Day, part of a cam­paign to increase aware­ness of HIV-relat­ed stig­ma and dis­crim­i­na­tion. Here are a few resources relat­ing to the AIDS pan­dem­ic and World AIDS Day: