Belated Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving Photo album I’ve final­ly found some time to post a few pho­tos from our first Boston Thanks­giv­ing — sad­ly, I did­n’t remem­ber to take any snaps once peo­ple arrived.

One of these days I will real­ize that you’re sup­posed to be time­ly about blogging…

This new album would have com­pli­ment­ed nice­ly this Thanks­giv­ing post, but I’m not that smooth.

UPDATE: Well, turns out I did take some addi­tion­al pho­tos… They were stuck on the ole’ Mem­o­ry Stick. Too much Pinot Noir, perhaps…

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  • I just tell myself that time­li­ness is all relative.

    And I have the exact same prob­lem about no pho­to tak­ing once peo­ple are around me. I usu­al­ly just chalk it up to liv­ing the moment.

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