The Rapture

The RaptureRoberto and Tbone invited me along to see the new “it” New York band-of-the-moment The Rapture thursday night, Downstairs at the Middle East. They did not disappoint.

You can call it “dancey”, disco, funk, post-punk, or Nouveau Garage — but don’t let those labels throw you — these guys want to rock. They remind me a lot of LA’s Moving Units, another great band that combines jangly guitars and disco drumming. But, with Cure-esque vocalisms, a fearsome cowbell solo, and enough energy to choke a horse, I couldn’t help but feeling that I was witnessing something truly inspired.

Earth to all you 80’s-haters– we’re back, and we’ll pogo you back into line!

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  • I’ve been digging these guys recently too, although I missed them in concert. Oh well.

    If you like these guys you might try Ima Robot who I just saw with Junion Senior. They’ve got that same 80’s dance but want to rock vibe going.

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