New Cannon Digital Elph

Me and my new Cannon ElphSince my birthday is so close to X-mas, people always ask me if I got shorted on gifts growing up… to which I reply, “no, not really… I was an only child.”

In fact, at times, it’s a clear advantage, because it allows a person to combine both occasions into one super-gift — exhibit A (left), my new Cannon Digital Elph SD100, from Presley. There was nothing more perfect in this world that I could have received, and I wasted no time shooting.

Different individuals have different needs from a camera — Mr. Powazek recently got a new Cannon Digital Rebel, which looks like one hell of a package. But my needs are simpler… I wanted a small digital camera for the same reason I wanted a 12-in powerbookMOBILITY! The most important criteria for me was the ability to whip it out, (excuse my choice of language), and shoot from the hip at what ever crosses my path.

Would it be nice to achieve the kind of detail and depth of field that serious photographers obsess over? Absolutely. But, that’s something I’ll let the photographer in the family worry about. Thanks honey.

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