Where I’ve Been…

My MapThis is a map of where I’ve visited or lived in the United States… This is really jarring, because I haven’t crossed the Mississippi, and I haven’t ventured into the heart of Dixie. I think that says something about me, but I’m not sure what.

Resolution: before I turn 28, (which gives me 2 years), I want to add at least 3 states. One of them must be California… that’s the easy one.

5 Responses to “Where I’ve Been…”

  • Okay dude, we have to do something about this.
    You want to do Mardi Gras next year? Just the guys… ?

  • ho ho. we could get in a lot of trouble…

    you mean this year?

  • Well…maybe.
    Let’s check out flights.
    Was was thinking next year, but I may be able to Fat Tuesday is teh 24th, but parades start full force on the 13th, which happens to be a long weekend for me…
    Flights are $400 RT, and I think I can get us a place to crash for free…
    Whatta say?

  • Ah, but if you drive to Louisiana for Mardi Gras (from the NE) you can mark Mississippi, Alabama, and maybe Georgia (depending on route) off your list without actually having to GO there. It worked for me!

  • The “heart of Dixie” leaves a lot to be desired. You might not want to add any of those two your map. :)

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