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Garage Sale

Presley and I are having an online Garage Sale. We’ve dropped postings on Craigslist, and we’re going to tell everyone we know, “come buy our unwanted stuff”.

I’ve got a Powermac G4, 25” TV, DVD Player, and other goodies for sale. If you’re in the Boston/Cambridge/Eastern New England region, take a look!

Email questions to And, please feel free to make us an offer.


I fixed a little bug in my comment template, which was launching new windows when you hit post.

I got tired of secretly waiting for MT 3.0 to come out, that I decided to have a look, and fix it.

Intern-gate, Non-existent

So, the general consensus around seems to be that the Kerry/Intern story reported by Drudge (and pointed out below), seems to not hold water.

  • Wonkette says that the woman in question is returning to the States soon
  • dKos thinks the fact that mainstream media hasn’t picked up the story, is a good sign
  • Even cranky Slate had a humorous reaction today
  • Salon takes Drudge to task
  • And the Philadelphia Daily News is cautioning about rumors

In fact, the British press not withstanding, I’m happy to see Big Media using some restraint on this issue. If only I could keep from freaking out on my weblog.

Intern-gate, Revisited

Matt Drudge is reporting the following:


In an off-the-record conversation with a dozen reporters earlier this week, General Wesley Clark plainly stated: ‘Kerry will implode over an intern issue’…

Kerry commotion is why Howard Dean has turned increasingly aggressive against Kerry in recent days, and is the key reason why Dean reversed his decision not to drop out of the race after Wisconsin, top campaign sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT….

A serious investigation of the woman and the nature of her relationship with Sen. John Kerry has been underway at TIME magazine, ABC NEWS, the WASHINGTON POST and the ASSOCIATED PRESS, where the woman in question once worked…

It’s time for Howard Dean to grow up and run a real campaign. We need someone to rescue this party.

Underground Man

After reading Dunstan’s humorous post on British rail, and the silly responses he received from Americans and Germans, I was reminded of an excellent article by William Finnegan in the New Yorker last week, Underground Man: Can the former C.I.A. agent who saved New York’s subway get the Tube back on track?

After scouring the New Yorker web site and Google without luck, I decided it was worth scanning and posting the article. Sorry they’re jpgs… I probably won’t leave it up very long (file size/bandwidth), unless someone can suggest a way to extract the text of the article.

I’m your public library.

UPDATE 9/12/2005: I changed my directory security a while back, so these articles have not been linked. Here ya go:

The Victory Card

The very first card that helps you support your Democratic ideals...While I’m still absorbing tonight’s Kerry victories in Virginia and Tennessee, I would like to share with my readers one of the more amusing pieces of direct mail that I’ve seen– The Victory Card MasterCard from the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Now, I love my party, and I’ve certainly given a good chunk of my time, money and (limited) talents over the years… but this piece of marketing material is really silly.

I know I’m cynical and all, but this multi-culti picture of bi-racial babies being hugged by an American flag, is just plain funny. The underlying message is right and commendable, but do we need to use babies? …to sell a credit card?

Ahh, but each purchase puts a percentage into the Commonwealth Dems’ coffers… Somehow, I think I’d rather write another check.

Firefox 0.8

Get FirefoxJon Hicks posted today about the re-branding of the Mozilla Firebird browser. Though I don’t love the new name, Firefox, obviously lawyers have been involved.

But, the new logo is what really caught my eye… It’s truly an inspiring leap. And the pinstripe theme for OS X is beautiful as well. I’m still a Safari fan, but it’s good to see another alternative.

More proof that Google is broken

Google has decided that this site is the #1 result for super bowl jackson uncensored pic.

Why? I haven’t posted a bit about the Superbowl fiasco (oops, now I did).

There probably was a link on my aggregated News Page for a few hours… but, Google isn’t linking to that page, but rather the referer page!

Thanks to weblogs, Google is nearly useless.

Anniversary with the Sabres

romantic night

A romantic night wouldn’t be complete without Canadian beer

On January 23, Presley and I marked our 7th anniversary, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than at the Sabres-Bruins hockey game. Am I right?

Just so you don’t think I’m weird, our first “date” was a Sabres game (in Buffalo) in December of 1996. So, it was a nice reminder for us, and it was cool. Thanks to Craigslist, we got first-row, on-the-glass seats. Amazing.

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