The Victory Card

The very first card that helps you support your Democratic ideals...While I’m still absorbing tonight’s Kerry victories in Virginia and Tennessee, I would like to share with my readers one of the more amusing pieces of direct mail that I’ve seen– The Victory Card MasterCard from the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Now, I love my party, and I’ve certainly given a good chunk of my time, money and (limited) talents over the years… but this piece of marketing material is really silly.

I know I’m cynical and all, but this multi-culti picture of bi-racial babies being hugged by an American flag, is just plain funny. The underlying message is right and commendable, but do we need to use babies? …to sell a credit card?

Ahh, but each purchase puts a percentage into the Commonwealth Dems’ coffers… Somehow, I think I’d rather write another check.

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