The Victory Card

The very first card that helps you support your Democratic ideals...While I’m still absorb­ing tonight’s Ker­ry vic­to­ries in Vir­ginia and Ten­nessee, I would like to share with my read­ers one of the more amus­ing pieces of direct mail that I’ve seen– The Vic­to­ry Card Mas­ter­Card from the Mass­a­chu­setts Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty. Now, I love my par­ty, and I’ve cer­tain­ly giv­en a good chunk of my time, mon­ey and (lim­it­ed) tal­ents over the years… but this piece of mar­ket­ing mate­r­i­al is real­ly silly.

I know I’m cyn­i­cal and all, but this mul­ti-cul­ti pic­ture of bi-racial babies being hugged by an Amer­i­can flag, is just plain fun­ny. The under­ly­ing mes­sage is right and com­mend­able, but do we need to use babies? …to sell a cred­it card?

Ahh, but each pur­chase puts a per­cent­age into the Com­mon­wealth Dems’ cof­fers… Some­how, I think I’d rather write anoth­er check.

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