Intern-gate, Non-existent

So, the gen­er­al con­sen­sus around seems to be that the Kerry/Intern sto­ry report­ed by Drudge (and point­ed out below), seems to not hold water.

  • Won­kette says that the woman in ques­tion is return­ing to the States soon
  • dKos thinks the fact that main­stream media has­n’t picked up the sto­ry, is a good sign
  • Even cranky Slate had a humor­ous reac­tion today
  • Salon takes Drudge to task
  • And the Philadel­phia Dai­ly News is cau­tion­ing about rumors

In fact, the British press not with­stand­ing, I’m hap­py to see Big Media using some restraint on this issue. If only I could keep from freak­ing out on my weblog.

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