Monthly Archive for March, 2004

No school because of Bush Fundraiser

As if we need further evidence that the president is truly misguided, I read that today Mr. Bush has come to Boston for a fundraiser, forcing the Secret Service to shut down several city streets.

As Mr. Bush collects checks at $2000 a head, for one hour of work, a K-8 public school was forced on 1-day notice to cancel classes today because they “could not guarantee timely pick-up of students at dismissal time.”

This seems shameful for the “No-child-left-behind” President, who is himself the son of the so-called “education” President…

But, maybe I should look at this from the point of view of the students — they got a day off from school. Are the Republicans are trying to ingratiate themselves to our little ones, by cancelling school for a day?

$25 is all it takes…

John KerryI just gave John Kerry $25.

I ended up giving Howard Dean a not-insignificant amount of money, (at least to me), and I feel it was money well spent. I’m going to do so for John Kerry each month.

You should, too. Bush is on the attack.

Welcome CSS Vault Visitors!

Thanks to Andy for submitting this blog for recognition at CSS Vault. I’m honored to be included among the many inspiring sites.

(I hope it doesn’t matter that I’ve more or less had the same layout and design for more than a year now.) But, thank you very much.

New Scoot

Presley bought her scooter this past weekend, from a friend-of-a-friend in Maine.

Looks pretty sweet, and she posted to her weblog for the first time this year. wow.

Back to Detroit

I’m off to Detroit for one day, to attend my cousin’s funeral. It’s such a sad thing, even though we weren’t close in age.

Bob was a great guy, who was full of all kinds of odd and interesting knowledge. And he was always willing to listen or offer up honest advice… even when I was an obnoxious teenager who thought he knew everything.

I love ya, man.

JFK Library & Museum

My Aunt and Uncle were in Boston this past weekend, so we decided to check out the John F. Kennedy Library & Museum.

Designed by I.M. Pei

The Harbor

Designed by I.M. Pei, the building is truly inspiring, despite it’s chilly, geometric parts. In my opinion, it is the only Pei building worth it’s salt — certainly the only one out of his many projects in Boston.

I’ve never been nostalgic for JFK — he only passed something like 25% of the bills he sent to Capitol Hill… which tells me he was more concerned with maintaining Camelot, than pushing hard on difficult legislation like Civil Rights and the War on Poverty.

However, after touring the many exhibits and films, I’ve come to respect the man — the manner in which the Cuban Missile Crisis was handled alone merits reconsideration. And, in the wake of our youthful excitement surrounding Howard Dean, and his message, I can only imagine JFK’s impact on young people in 1960.

As Bill Clinton says in the exhibit, JFK put a lot of difficult issues on the table — which then needed to be worked out over the course of the sixties.