$25 is all it takes…

John KerryI just gave John Kerry $25.

I ended up giving Howard Dean a not-insignificant amount of money, (at least to me), and I feel it was money well spent. I’m going to do so for John Kerry each month.

You should, too. Bush is on the attack.

6 Responses to “$25 is all it takes…”

  • I know I should, but every time I consider donating the paltry sum I can afford, I think of all of the robotic Bush supporters lined up like good children with their milk money.


  • You should consider giving that money to someone who needs it. There are plenty of people on the street who could use a hand or a kind word every now and then. But instead go ahead and give it to some rich a-hole who will just piss it away. Thats the smart money.

  • Not only the $25, but also hosting or participating in fundraising events and making all possible to get money to Kerry soon.
    Otherwise we all pay.

  • Support Kerry and he will not only take your $25 per month now. He will also make it manditory through his promised tax increases.

    But then again I guess money is more important than security, right? Yea let our children deal with security when they grow so that we can have a little more in our bank accounts now….

    Oh wait. Promised tax increases. Maybe we wont have any extra in our bank accounts after all. Besides the security threat is not real anyhow and John Kerry has such a good record for dealing with terrorists anyway. Did you know that he was a ‘war hero’????

    But dont worry. I am sure Kerry will waffle back and forth several times on the tax increase issue. Thats the one thing you can always count on. Kerry will change what he says….

    That Kerry is such a nucklehead….

  • Go ahead, blow 25 bucks a month on John F’n Kerry.

    Tell me one thing though; aside from voting against Bush, why are you voting for Kerry? Was it because he served in ‘Nam? Oh yeah… I had forgotten all about that. Must be that.

  • We are voting for Kerry to oust Bush. Lesser of two evils of course. No, Kerry may not be an outstanding candidate, but nothing will change until every one of us takes a more active role in politics. I think everyone will agree, Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, that we want honest, capable leadership that always acts in the best interest of the people instead of bowing down to corporate or special interests.

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