$25 is all it takes…

John KerryI just gave John Ker­ry $25.

I end­ed up giv­ing Howard Dean a not-insignif­i­cant amount of mon­ey, (at least to me), and I feel it was mon­ey well spent. I’m going to do so for John Ker­ry each month.

You should, too. Bush is on the attack.

6 Responses to “$25 is all it takes…”

  • I know I should, but every time I con­sid­er donat­ing the pal­try sum I can afford, I think of all of the robot­ic Bush sup­port­ers lined up like good chil­dren with their milk money.


  • You should con­sid­er giv­ing that mon­ey to some­one who needs it. There are plen­ty of peo­ple on the street who could use a hand or a kind word every now and then. But instead go ahead and give it to some rich a‑hole who will just piss it away. Thats the smart money.

  • Not only the $25, but also host­ing or par­tic­i­pat­ing in fundrais­ing events and mak­ing all pos­si­ble to get mon­ey to Ker­ry soon.
    Oth­er­wise we all pay.

  • Sup­port Ker­ry and he will not only take your $25 per month now. He will also make it man­di­to­ry through his promised tax increases.

    But then again I guess mon­ey is more impor­tant than secu­ri­ty, right? Yea let our chil­dren deal with secu­ri­ty when they grow so that we can have a lit­tle more in our bank accounts now.…

    Oh wait. Promised tax increas­es. Maybe we wont have any extra in our bank accounts after all. Besides the secu­ri­ty threat is not real any­how and John Ker­ry has such a good record for deal­ing with ter­ror­ists any­way. Did you know that he was a ‘war hero’????

    But dont wor­ry. I am sure Ker­ry will waf­fle back and forth sev­er­al times on the tax increase issue. Thats the one thing you can always count on. Ker­ry will change what he says.…

    That Ker­ry is such a nucklehead.…

  • Go ahead, blow 25 bucks a month on John F’n Kerry.

    Tell me one thing though; aside from vot­ing against Bush, why are you vot­ing for Ker­ry? Was it because he served in ‘Nam? Oh yeah… I had for­got­ten all about that. Must be that.

  • We are vot­ing for Ker­ry to oust Bush. Less­er of two evils of course. No, Ker­ry may not be an out­stand­ing can­di­date, but noth­ing will change until every one of us takes a more active role in pol­i­tics. I think every­one will agree, Repub­li­can, Demo­c­rat, or oth­er­wise, that we want hon­est, capa­ble lead­er­ship that always acts in the best inter­est of the peo­ple instead of bow­ing down to cor­po­rate or spe­cial interests.

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