Monthly Archive for April, 2004

Pre Gotham Rally

Gotham II Scooter RallyTomor­row, we get out of work a lit­tle ear­ly, and load into the Saab for a trip down to NYC for the Gotham Scoot­er Ral­ly. From every­thing we’ve heard, Brook­lyn will be burn­ing by sun­day night.

Pres­ley and I are rel­a­tive­ly new scooter­ists, and this is our first ral­ly. Jason and Kim of course are respon­si­ble for this… so a spe­cial thanks to them for all their help get­ting Lisa’s ’63 Lam­bret­ta Li125 on the road. If all goes well, next week I’ll be rid­ing a 25-year old Ves­pa p200… sad­ly I won’t have it for Gotham, but I’m psy­ched, nonetheless.

Sooooo, look out NYC. Can’t wait to see you Kun­ta, Renee, Jen­na, and the rest of you Yan­kee-lik­ing swine.

Terminal blog

I stum­bled upon an inter­est­ing blog design in my refer­ Paul used “Ter­mi­nal” for his blog’s type­face. It’s quick-load­ing, lean-and-mean, but Paul chose to for­go the CSS trend, and build it with old-fash­ioned Tables.

As soon as I saw it, I had a flash­back to col­lege and X‑Windows, Lynx, Emacs… And then back to high school and 9600-baud con­nec­tions to BBSs. We’ve come a long way, no?

My Powerbook is on vacation

For­give the sil­ly title — I had to send my 12-inch PB away to Ten­nessee (or wher­ev­er Apple does their heavy tech sup­port), because the slot-load dri­ve was lock­ing up.

So this is my first Apple hard­ware issue…

In 4+ years with my Dell, the only hard­ware issue I ever had was my Dell Trini­tron mon­i­tor (which went bad at 2 years, 11 months).

Is this an indi­ca­tion of what I can expect in the future?