My Powerbook is on vacation

For­give the sil­ly title — I had to send my 12-inch PB away to Ten­nessee (or wher­ev­er Apple does their heavy tech sup­port), because the slot-load dri­ve was lock­ing up.

So this is my first Apple hard­ware issue…

In 4+ years with my Dell, the only hard­ware issue I ever had was my Dell Trini­tron mon­i­tor (which went bad at 2 years, 11 months).

Is this an indi­ca­tion of what I can expect in the future?

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  • I’ve had only one issue with Dell. Some­thing was wrong with our serv­er, not sure what, but Dell came to us the fol­low­ing day and installed a new moth­er­board on site. For free, of course. That’s when I decid­ed to only buy Dell in the future.

    (Except, I’m plan­ning on get­ting an iBook soon­ish, but Dell does­n’t car­ry those.)

  • My 15-inch PB just went in for a new log­ic board last week. Ser­vice was speedy, though it did­n’t solve my pow­er-relat­ed prob­lem. Sent it out on Wednes­day morn­ing (to Texas?), got it back Fri­day after­noon. I don’t think they did much diag­no­sis, but it was fast :)

  • Yea, Apple sup­port is great IMHO - “when it breaks, send them a new one in 48 hours!” I had the same sup­port expe­ri­ence with a 1G iPod with a bad wheel. How­ev­er, I am con­cerned at the num­ber of PB prob­lems peo­ple have been report­ing recently.

  • I work on a lot of new Macs at the news­pa­per office, and I notie they seem to become dam­aged quite eas­i­ly. Sev­er­al of the CD tray dri­ves on a few dumb eMacs keep open­ing and clos­ing on their own. But Dell? I’ve had 3 lap­tops from them, each nev­er hav­ing a sin­gle issue.

  • I’ve been a Mac user for twen­ty years and it seems this cur­rent gen­er­a­tion of Power­books is one of the worst prod­ucts Apple has put out in a long time, in terms of ser­vice and qual­i­ty with all the prob­lems with bat­ter­ies, white spots, and drives.

    Before this I always con­sid­ered Macs to be tanks.

  • I’ve had my Tita­ni­um Power­book for a bit more than a year, and suf­fered count­less prob­lems… in the first 6 months alone my PB was on ‘vaca­tion’ for 3 months! Still, now that the bugs have been ironed out it’s the best lap­top I’ve ever used.

  • You must have got­ten lucky with the Dell. I can’t even count the prob­lems at my old job with all the Dell desk­tops. In my Dell alone, I had the eth­er­net port die twice, which meant they had to replace the entire motherboard.

    My fiance and I have had only one minor prob­lem with our Power­Book, and that was just a bad bat­tery. My dual G5 has per­formed beau­ti­ful­ly since last Sep­tem­ber. My dad has dealt with Apple Sup­port for his Power­Book, but he had no prob­lems with their tech people.

    Good luck!

  • Is it on per­ma­nent vacation?

    No lap­top is more prone to ghouls and ghosts and Com­paq. Each board is built with “evil” and “pain.”

    My gate­way lap­top works pret­ty well after 1 1/2 years, but the cd/dvd com­bo dri­ve is sketchy at best

  • Orig­i­nal clamshell iBook, 300mhz. It’s 4 and a half years old and I still use it for IM, email and mak­ing sure my designs work in safari. I’ve nev­er had to send it away or take it in for repairs. It just works. I wish more of my hard­ware was so easy to deal with…

  • I man­age about 115 Macs for a cat­a­log, includ­ing sev­er­al PBs. In three years, I’ve rarely had to Apple­Care a machine due to faulty design (bad moth­er­board on one; bad Dis­play for anoth­er) — and not once for a PB. I’ve read all the reports of the new gen­er­a­tion of PBs being faulty, but I chalk that up to fud; you don’t see many mes­sage boards where peo­ple post pos­i­tive results. Just my 10,000 Yen.


  • > I’ve read all the reports of the new generation
    > of PBs being faulty, but I chalk that up to fud;
    > you don’t see many mes­sage boards where people
    > post pos­i­tive results.

    it’s real­ly dis­turb­ing that peo­ple feel the need to act as dam­age con­trol for Apple. com­ments iden­ti­cal to yours are post­ed across every Mac mes­sage board i’ve been to. it’s almost as if Apple employs peo­ple to browse Mac forums at work and spread pro-Apple spin and down­right irra­tional com­ments such as yours.

    why is it irra­tional? because there are real peo­ple hav­ing real prob­lems with their Macs. then some­one like you comes along to say, “don’t wor­ry guys, every­thing is ok.” well thanks a lot, my sav­ior, i guess my prob­lem will go away now. the only fear, uncer­tain­ty, and doubt involved with this issue is felt by those who have gone weeks or months with­out their com­put­ers while repairs or replace­ments take place. near­ly every Apple prod­uct released in the past year has at least one major issue. iPod bat­tery life is turn­ing out to be a joke. iPod Mini head­phone jacks are dying after a month or two. faulty G5 pow­er sup­plies that can shock you, eMacs with bad CRTs, warped Power­Books, etc, etc, etc, the list goes on.

    your “ignore the neg­a­tive” men­tal­i­ty is an attempt to focus on the spe­cif­ic, when the more impor­tant obser­va­tions come from larg­er trends. if you use your Mac in a social vac­u­um and you have a prob­lem, then you’ll almost def­i­nite­ly think it’s just you when your com­put­er starts to mis­be­have… you’ll get Apple to fix it, it’ll keep break­ing until the war­ran­ty runs out.

    the very fre­quent occur­rence of iBook log­ic board fail­ure is a good exam­ple of this. Apple would have nev­er start­ed their iBook replace­ment pro­gram if peo­ple would­n’t have come online and raised hell about the prob­lem. when peo­ple start­ed find­ing out that they were all hav­ing the same prob­lem, there were mur­murs of a class action suit ( ). as if by mag­ic, Apple pub­licly con­firmed that there was a prob­lem and start­ed a pro­gram to deal with the fall­out. this is democ­ra­cy at work, not FUD.

    if you are hav­ing a prob­lem with your machine, and you go online and see that hun­dreds or thou­sands of oth­er peo­ple are hav­ing the same prob­lem, then the evi­dence is clear: there is a very real, con­sis­tent­ly occur­ring, quan­tifi­able prob­lem with the prod­uct line in ques­tion. it may not affect every user — which explains the “noth­ing wrong with my machine” men­tal­i­ty… but just because you don’t feel sick does­n’t mean i haven’t got the flu… got it?

    with any giv­en Apple hard­ware prob­lem, you can check meta-pat­terns about faulty hard­ware by check­ing (at a min­i­mum) and brows­ing to the forum for your prod­uct. you will prob­a­bly find (as i have with sev­er­al prod­ucts) that your issue is not just an iso­lat­ed occurrence.

    i wish i could join you and the rest of the Zealot Mili­tia in the hap­py world of Apple Com­put­er, but there are prob­lems with almost every recent Apple hard­ware offer­ing. the more Apple becomes a media dar­ling, the less they seem to care about their cus­tomers. there used to be a say­ing that Apple kept Microsoft hon­est — these days, i think it’s the oth­er way around.

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