Pre Gotham Rally

Gotham II Scooter RallyTomorrow, we get out of work a little early, and load into the Saab for a trip down to NYC for the Gotham Scooter Rally. From everything we’ve heard, Brooklyn will be burning by sunday night.

Presley and I are relatively new scooterists, and this is our first rally. Jason and Kim of course are responsible for this… so a special thanks to them for all their help getting Lisa’s ’63 Lambretta Li125 on the road. If all goes well, next week I’ll be riding a 25-year old Vespa p200… sadly I won’t have it for Gotham, but I’m psyched, nonetheless.

Sooooo, look out NYC. Can’t wait to see you Kunta, Renee, Jenna, and the rest of you Yankee-liking swine.

2 Responses to “Pre Gotham Rally”

  • whoa… I shoulda looked at this yesterday. I shall also be in NYC this weekend. Big town, but I attract coincidences. Perhaps we’ll see each other.

    The main reason I’m writing is actually because I just figured out that “nedward” anagrams to “nerdwad.”

  • That’s sweet. They should make a Hallmark card out of that.

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