Monthly Archive for May, 2004

Niagara 2004

My Niagara 2004 picturesLast weekend, we traveled to Southern Ontario for the Niagara Scooter Rally. And, the Canadians sure know how to throw a party. Check out our pics, and here are some highlights:

  • Our first camping trip in years
  • My grade 9 English teacher’s son was there with his crew
  • Another two-up ride on Presley’s Lambretta—and we still couldn’t keep up with the pack
  • First titty-bar experience with Presley
  • Don’t buy gas in Canada—it’s pricey and will make your scoot sputter
  • Vino Girl(!) got muddy—which was just not right
  • I caught one of these at the raffle—now I can carry a six-pack on my leg shield

Jason posted in a more timely fashion, though I severely question his assertion that “the weather was fairly nice”… I can only imagine what previous years were like. We had a lightening show all Saturday night, and I still have wet boots sitting in my car trunk.

Anyway, we’ve got 1 city rally and 1 camping rally under our belts…

Free to Marry

At 12 midnight, same-sex marriages were given to couples at Cambridge City HallThe Bay State is now the first-in-the-nation to grant same-sex marriage licenses to couples, and I am proud to say that Our Fair City was the first – Cambridge City Hall at 12 midnight, May 18, 2004.

A couple of thousand people, joined together on the front lawn of City Hall, singing songs, holding supportive signs (My favorite was “yay!”), and clapping as each couple made their way up the stairs, and into the building…

It was really moving. Cheers everybody!

Gotham ’04

Jason and his Red BullWell, we survived the Gotham rally this past weekend. We met a lot of cool scooterists, and enjoyed riding around Manhattan and Brooklyn.

I think we put brought joy and curiosity (and maybe envy?) to the people of New York—seeing a hundred scooters coming through your neighborhood in a giant pack is not something people see every day. Those kids down in NYC know how to throw a good time. Too bad I didn’t win the bike raffle.

I posted my pics at—check out Jason above. Tonight, I buy my first scooter: a Vespa P-200.