Free to Marry

At 12 midnight, same-sex marriages were given to couples at Cambridge City HallThe Bay State is now the first-in-the-nation to grant same-sex mar­riage licens­es to cou­ples, and I am proud to say that Our Fair City was the first – Cam­bridge City Hall at 12 mid­night, May 18, 2004.

A cou­ple of thou­sand peo­ple, joined togeth­er on the front lawn of City Hall, singing songs, hold­ing sup­port­ive signs (My favorite was “yay!”), and clap­ping as each cou­ple made their way up the stairs, and into the building…

It was real­ly mov­ing. Cheers everybody!

2 Responses to “Free to Marry”

  • i am assum­ing that you and lisa went out to see the fes­tiv­i­ties? fun. — s.

  • Yes, I have mroe pic­tures than the one at left– I should post them!

    Unfor­tunete­ly, it was hard to get pic­tures of the brides and grooms, because there was such a crowd…

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