The Prisoner of Azkaban

'Hold me, Harry...'Review: A+

Yes, we attend­ed last night’s show­ing of Har­ry Pot­ter and the Pris­on­er of Azk­a­ban, at 12:01am. And, despite some sug­ges­tions from my work mates, I did not play dress-up.

My reac­tions and excite­ment after see­ing the 3rd install­ment on the big screen, direct­ly par­al­lels what I felt a few years ago when I dug into the 3rd Pot­ter bookAzk­a­ban is where the series takes a much dark­er turn. The Demen­tors are fright­en­ing in the film, though the new direc­tor Alfon­so Cuar?n devotes far more ener­gy to stok­ing fear of Sir­ius Black, than of the prison and it’s soul-suck­ing guards.

Over­all, Cuar?n’s vision is a breath of fresh air — the film is scari­er than Chris Colum­bus’s two films, (it’s a mys­tery to me how films like this man­age to receive a PG-rat­ing), but it’s bal­anced with a few whim­si­cal moments cour­tesy the Whomp­ing Wil­low, and by Michael Gam­bon’s quirky take on Dumbledore.

How long do I have to wait for the Gob­let of Fire?

UPDATE: Capn saw it last night too

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