Moveable Type 3.0

Since the licens­ing struc­ture has been revamped, I thought I’d spend a few min­utes updat­ing (and all it’s weblogs) to MT 3.0.

Hon­est­ly, the moti­va­tion for the upgrade was recent bar­rages of com­ment spam. MT-Black­list was a good patch, for a while, but I think the only safe method to both allow com­ments, and stop your site from becom­ing a 1‑stop bill­board adver­tise­ment for “penis enhance­ments”, and mort­gage financiers, is com­ment registration.

If you’d like to com­ment, (there are 1 or 2 of you), I’d sug­gest reg­is­ter­ing with Type­Key. Reg­is­tered com­menters will be post­ed right away, and every­one else will need to be ver­i­fied first.

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