the 4th in Boston

Boston Fireworks

Fireworks over the Charles, Boston, Massachusetts

I generally don’t enjoy staying in Boston for two holidays — 4th of July, and New Year’s Eve… This town is a tame place for a party, and the concept of the roof-deck seems to be lost on the landlords here.

Still, I’m not holding fast to my rule this year… we spent the New Year in the South End, and we spent last night BBQ’ing at our house. It was a short walk down to the Charles River for the fireworks… pretty low-key this year, and we couldn’t hear the Pops, because they apparently decided Cambridge didn’t need speakers this year.

Saturday was spent at the Casa del Jason, Brian, Adam, Dana, & jerin (whom I shouldn’t even link to, because he’s using a horrible hosting service), drinking beer and eating properly-encased hot dogs. They throw quite a party — no small feat when your house is sandwiched between a primary school and a playground.

At least we’re getting away next weekend– camping in the Finger Lakes… and there will be wine

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