DNC Commute

My commute last night back to Boston was uneventful, (which seems to be the consensus). I think half our population was scared away by the DNC.

Helicopters are buzzing around our house, and since we live near the Charles river, we’ve noticed Coast Guard and Police boats patrolling the river in formation… a strange sight, given that on any given day you’d usually see small sailboats and rowing crews.

Boston is locked-down, but I feel safe. I think it’s unreasonable to expect that an event this size will ever be held again without tight security. Though I understand concerns about civil liberties and free speech, can you imagine how weak the Democrats would look if a terrorist attack happened at their Convention?

The image of State Police in riot gear is primarily a deterrent — the message is, “we’re ready”. If the police actually had to use that outfit, then I’d be worried.

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