DNC — Tuesday plans

UPDATE: Lame… no celebri­ty sight­ings, but we snapped some pic­tures of the secu­ri­ty perime­ter, which I will post later.

We’re going to ven­ture into the “pro­tect­ed” zone across the riv­er tonight. Tbone describes his DNC out­ing last night, spot­ting For­mer CA Gov Gray Davis, and the less tal­ent­ed half of the celib­ri­ty fomer­ly known as “Ben-ifer”, Ben Affleck.

We watched a lot of the con­ven­tion on CNN and C‑SPAN last night. I keep wait­ing to see Won­kette on MTV, but there were Andy Dick re-runs on instead.

I miss Tabitha Soren

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