Monthly Archive for August, 2004

The G5 iMac

Wow. Look­ing at the new­ly-post­ed info on the G5 iMac, I’m again speech­less. “Where did the com­put­er go?”, indeed.

It appears that Apple has done it again… this iMac G5 almost looks slim­mer and lighter than Dell lap­tops! Those things are bricks, and they’re sup­posed to be portable.

It seems as if Apple and IBM have solved the G5 heat prob­lem. So does that mean that we’ll see a G5 Power­book by Christmas?

Smart-Target, Part II

As men­tioned last week, Pres­ley, Todd, Kim, Ang­ie, Trevor, & Bri­an spent the week­end work­ing the Tar­get-Smart Car Col­lege Tour 2004 — the eais­est $300 I’ve made in my life. How­ev­er, it was also the hottest week­end this sum­mer — long-sleeved can­vas jump suits in 92° heat is not the most fun.

We did our best to find col­lege kids… not many schools are in ses­sion yet, so we shift­ed to the usu­al Boston land­marks… Faneuil Hall, Har­vard Square, and Cas­tle Island Beach.

It turns out that tourists real­ly love Tar­get and free pens.

Some pics:

More pics on the full entry

Some oth­er pics from the promotion:


I peed into a plas­tic cup this morn­ing for the first time since my job appli­ca­tion to Wil­son Farms con­ve­nience store, when I was six­teen years-old.

Why, you ask?

Well, some friends and I are going to spend the week­end dri­ving a Smart­Car around Boston, dressed in Tar­get logos from head-to-toe. We’re sup­posed to make our­selves seen to all of the return­ing col­lege kids, remind­ing them that there is a cheap place to dress up that gray-brick dorm room. I’m 26 years-old, so this is a bit embarassing.

But, It’s only 2 days, I’ll be a cou­ple hun­dred dol­lars rich­er, and I get to tear around town in a car that is rough­ly 1/6 the size of your aver­age SUV. Should be safe…

Last year, they gave my friends Tar­get Ves­pas—but, there was an acci­dent or two… appar­ent­ly it’s safer to shill on 4‑wheels.

The Drink

I just want to point out that I am not always the drunk­ard in the fam­i­ly… Oca­sion­al­ly, the lady of the house tips a few too many back.

Thanks to J., who is doc­u­ment­ing all of this:

Okay, so I think I need to add that I did­n’t actu­al­ly throw up, because I can han­dle my booze. but I was think­ing about it because I guess some­one did actu­al­ly get sick after leav­ing my house the oth­er day.

This is prob­a­bly more the excep­tion than the rule, but oh well. We’re young.

Goat Cheese-Stuffed Zucchini Pancakes with Tomato Sauce

Ear­li­er this week, I men­tioned to my friend Keiko that I want­ed to make Zuc­chi­ni bread, a sum­mer tra­di­tion in my fam­i­ly. I sus­pect the tra­di­tion arose from the fact that the only thing that grew well in my father’s gar­den were Zuc­chi­nis… every­thing else usu­al­ly failed, or was eat­en by the neigh­bor­hood fauna.

The next day, she brought in from her gar­den a cou­ple of the largest Zuc­chi­nis I’ve ever seen… so large that I start­ed hav­ing visions of eat­ing Zuc­chi­ni bread for the remain­der of the summer.

Any­way, a day or two passed, (work has been all-con­sum­ing), and I had­n’t begun my project. Then, yes­ter­day, I came home at a decent hour to find Pres­ley in the kitchen, grat­ing Zuc­chi­ni, and prepar­ing not only bread, but also a recipe for din­ner — Goat Cheese-Stuffed Zuc­chi­ni Pan­cakes with Toma­to Sauce.

I got to tell you, those lit­tle Zuc­chi­ni pan­cakes were the most deli­cious things I’ve had in months. I enjoyed them so much, I did­n’t leave any room for the Zuc­chi­ni bread…

I’m a lucky guy sometimes.


My boss is Out of Office again this week, so sud­den­ly Project Man­agers are turn­ing to me in meet­ings, and ask­ing the tough questions.

It’s been inter­est­ing… and grat­i­fy­ing, to know that I can man­age to sound artic­u­late and knowl­edge­able, when called upon.

HP All-in-Ones with Airport Express

I neglect­ed to men­tion in my post about installing the Air­port Express with a 3rd-Par­ty router, (a Net­gear WGR614, in my case), that I still couldn’t print wire­less­ly with the device. My HP PSC-750 All-in-One isn’t sup­port­ed… it makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to scan wire­less­ly, but why couldn’t I print?

Well, after a few more hours of search­ing, I final­ly found a solu­tion, cour­tesy William Bod­die in the Apple discussions:

When queried for a print­er, I select­ed “edit print­er list” from the scroll down menu, clicked on “add” under the print­er set­up util­i­ty-> went to IP Print­er -> Print­er type “Ren­dezvous” -> Print­er Address scrolled to “HP PSC 900 series” -> Print­er Mod­el “HP” ->mod­el “HP PSC 950 Foot­mat­ic” -> press “add.”

It worked, how­ev­er the AX is eas­i­ly the most frus­trat­ing Apple prod­uct I’ve encoun­tered… let’s hope that HP’s part­ner­ship with Apple to co-brand an HP iPod, will spurn HP to write bet­ter OS X print­er dri­vers. My land­lord is an archi­tect, and he’s mad that his $2500 plot­ter was ren­dered use­less with his upgrade to 10.3…

UPDATE I neglect­ed to men­tion that I am not using the bloat­ed and shod­dy dri­vers pro­vid­ed by HP.

I would instead rec­om­mend the HPIJS Open-source dri­vers. These dri­vers allows print­ing “over any avail­able con­nec­tion such as USB, AppleTalk, TCP/IP (via LPD and IPP), HP Jet­Di­rect, and shared win­dows print­ers via SAMBA”. And, you don’t have to install the use­less extra HP appli­ca­tions, which are includ­ed with the dri­ver package.

Old Times…

Pres­ley and I were invit­ed out last night with my old boss, who is vis­it­ing Boston on hol­i­day from his teach­ing gig in Japan. It was the usu­al shit­ty ser­vice at the Enor­mous Room, and then across the street for a lit­tle rock n’ roll Upstairs, cour­tesy A.M. Stereo and The Glow. A.M. Stereo was fun, Indie post-punk — each mem­ber singing in turn, (except the drum­mer, who looked like some­thing out of Spinal Tap). The Glow was a tighter, key­board-dri­ven, cross-over ska out­fit, which I real­ly enjoyed — their gui­tarist remind­ed me of Isaac Brock of Mod­est Mouse… decide for yourself.

It was good to see Bob — I prob­a­bly know him the least out of every­one last night, hav­ing just been hired a cou­ple of months before he left. But, his sto­ries of teach­ing Eng­lish to Japan­ese kids in a small, remote vil­lage, were fun­ny… I can’t imag­ine com­mu­ni­cat­ing, alone, in such a for­eign envi­ron­ment. He’s a long way from Tokyo.

But, it was also good to be out with work mates — we work so hard on a dai­ly basis, and we each have our own lives, so it’s rare that we go out for a few drinks. But, hav­ing been out with Bob last night, I have the feel­ing it was a lot more com­mon before he left…