Old Times…

Pres­ley and I were invit­ed out last night with my old boss, who is vis­it­ing Boston on hol­i­day from his teach­ing gig in Japan. It was the usu­al shit­ty ser­vice at the Enor­mous Room, and then across the street for a lit­tle rock n’ roll Upstairs, cour­tesy A.M. Stereo and The Glow. A.M. Stereo was fun, Indie post-punk — each mem­ber singing in turn, (except the drum­mer, who looked like some­thing out of Spinal Tap). The Glow was a tighter, key­board-dri­ven, cross-over ska out­fit, which I real­ly enjoyed — their gui­tarist remind­ed me of Isaac Brock of Mod­est Mouse… decide for yourself.

It was good to see Bob — I prob­a­bly know him the least out of every­one last night, hav­ing just been hired a cou­ple of months before he left. But, his sto­ries of teach­ing Eng­lish to Japan­ese kids in a small, remote vil­lage, were fun­ny… I can’t imag­ine com­mu­ni­cat­ing, alone, in such a for­eign envi­ron­ment. He’s a long way from Tokyo.

But, it was also good to be out with work mates — we work so hard on a dai­ly basis, and we each have our own lives, so it’s rare that we go out for a few drinks. But, hav­ing been out with Bob last night, I have the feel­ing it was a lot more com­mon before he left…

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  • Bob was the rea­son I hung around there as long as I did. Hard work­ing, yet easy going enough to shoot the bull with. He did every­thing a man­ag­er should do for his work­ers, even with unpleas­ant pres­sure from above.

    Giv­ing my notice was pret­ty hard. It was like break­ing up with some­one you real­ly like, “um, it’s not you, it’s me…”

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