Old Times…

Presley and I were invited out last night with my old boss, who is visiting Boston on holiday from his teaching gig in Japan. It was the usual shitty service at the Enormous Room, and then across the street for a little rock n’ roll Upstairs, courtesy A.M. Stereo and The Glow. A.M. Stereo was fun, Indie post-punk — each member singing in turn, (except the drummer, who looked like something out of Spinal Tap). The Glow was a tighter, keyboard-driven, cross-over ska outfit, which I really enjoyed — their guitarist reminded me of Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse… decide for yourself.

It was good to see Bob — I probably know him the least out of everyone last night, having just been hired a couple of months before he left. But, his stories of teaching English to Japanese kids in a small, remote village, were funny… I can’t imagine communicating, alone, in such a foreign environment. He’s a long way from Tokyo.

But, it was also good to be out with work mates — we work so hard on a daily basis, and we each have our own lives, so it’s rare that we go out for a few drinks. But, having been out with Bob last night, I have the feeling it was a lot more common before he left…

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  • Bob was the reason I hung around there as long as I did. Hard working, yet easy going enough to shoot the bull with. He did everything a manager should do for his workers, even with unpleasant pressure from above.

    Giving my notice was pretty hard. It was like breaking up with someone you really like, “um, it’s not you, it’s me…”

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