HP All-in-Ones with Airport Express

I neglected to mention in my post about installing the Airport Express with a 3rd-Party router, (a Netgear WGR614, in my case), that I still couldn’t print wirelessly with the device. My HP PSC-750 All-in-One isn’t supported… it makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to scan wirelessly, but why couldn’t I print?

Well, after a few more hours of searching, I finally found a solution, courtesy William Boddie in the Apple discussions:

When queried for a printer, I selected “edit printer list” from the scroll down menu, clicked on “add” under the printer setup utility-> went to IP Printer -> Printer type “Rendezvous” -> Printer Address scrolled to “HP PSC 900 series” -> Printer Model “HP” ->model “HP PSC 950 Footmatic” -> press “add.”

It worked, however the AX is easily the most frustrating Apple product I’ve encountered… let’s hope that HP’s partnership with Apple to co-brand an HP iPod, will spurn HP to write better OS X printer drivers. My landlord is an architect, and he’s mad that his $2500 plotter was rendered useless with his upgrade to 10.3…

UPDATE I neglected to mention that I am not using the bloated and shoddy drivers provided by HP.

I would instead recommend the HPIJS Open-source drivers. These drivers allows printing “over any available connection such as USB, AppleTalk, TCP/IP (via LPD and IPP), HP JetDirect, and shared windows printers via SAMBA”. And, you don’t have to install the useless extra HP applications, which are included with the driver package.

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  • I also have a PSC 950. I heard somewhere that it is, at heart, basically a DeskJet 900 Series, so instead of installing the Ghostscript, and the HPIJS (which I may do anyway), I selected under “printer model” the DeskJet 900 Series, and it did seem to print fine over Airport Express. Thanks for the tips, this got me most of the way there, and I think I may do the full ghoscript/HPIJS install so I can get all of the features of the printer.

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