Goat Cheese-Stuffed Zucchini Pancakes with Tomato Sauce

Ear­li­er this week, I men­tioned to my friend Keiko that I want­ed to make Zuc­chi­ni bread, a sum­mer tra­di­tion in my fam­i­ly. I sus­pect the tra­di­tion arose from the fact that the only thing that grew well in my father’s gar­den were Zuc­chi­nis… every­thing else usu­al­ly failed, or was eat­en by the neigh­bor­hood fauna.

The next day, she brought in from her gar­den a cou­ple of the largest Zuc­chi­nis I’ve ever seen… so large that I start­ed hav­ing visions of eat­ing Zuc­chi­ni bread for the remain­der of the summer.

Any­way, a day or two passed, (work has been all-con­sum­ing), and I had­n’t begun my project. Then, yes­ter­day, I came home at a decent hour to find Pres­ley in the kitchen, grat­ing Zuc­chi­ni, and prepar­ing not only bread, but also a recipe for din­ner — Goat Cheese-Stuffed Zuc­chi­ni Pan­cakes with Toma­to Sauce.

I got to tell you, those lit­tle Zuc­chi­ni pan­cakes were the most deli­cious things I’ve had in months. I enjoyed them so much, I did­n’t leave any room for the Zuc­chi­ni bread…

I’m a lucky guy sometimes.

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