Smart-Target, Part II

As men­tioned last week, Pres­ley, Todd, Kim, Ang­ie, Trevor, & Bri­an spent the week­end work­ing the Tar­get-Smart Car Col­lege Tour 2004 — the eais­est $300 I’ve made in my life. How­ev­er, it was also the hottest week­end this sum­mer — long-sleeved can­vas jump suits in 92° heat is not the most fun.

We did our best to find col­lege kids… not many schools are in ses­sion yet, so we shift­ed to the usu­al Boston land­marks… Faneuil Hall, Har­vard Square, and Cas­tle Island Beach.

It turns out that tourists real­ly love Tar­get and free pens.

Some pics:

More pics on the full entry

Some oth­er pics from the promotion:

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