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There are very few bands that I think are worth seeing in big venues. Radiohead is one. U2 is another. And even with these big acts, what is so enjoyable about an arena show? It’s usually 100-dollar tickets, you can’t see much except for what’s on the Jumbotron, and you end up with a row of dancing teenaged girls with scrunchies, blocking your view, and singing in your ear.

It sucks.

When I heard that the Pixies were re-forming and touring this summer, I knew that I’d gladly plop down the 100 bucks, and put up with Arena-beer prices, for just a glimpse of them playing together again, live. But, then came the bad news — it was worse than expected. The Pixies were playing Lolapalooza. Dear god.

I have a theory about huge outdoor festivals — they suck the most. I sat through the Lilith Fair, just to see Liz Phair, and it wasn’t worth the effort.

Anyway, all of this was rendered moot, since Lolapalooza was cancelled, and the Pixies were forced to organize their own tour.

Arguably, Boston is the home base for the Pixies cult, so I expected them to do a week at a club, or play the Orpheum, a large theatre. Not so — they aren’t even playing Boston, choosing instead to book two shows in small arenas in Amherst and Lowell. I can’t fathom why.

Tickets went on sale today at 10am… and, Presley and I had our Powerbooks open to ticketmaster.com in bed. We got 4 Gen. Admission tickets for each show, November 30, and December 1. I wonder who we’ll invite along…

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  • I saw Wilco just last night. And I must say, time after time – standing next to people that smell and dance and sing bad is entirely worth seeing the music you love in person.

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