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There are very few bands that I think are worth see­ing in big venues. Radio­head is one. U2 is anoth­er. And even with these big acts, what is so enjoy­able about an are­na show? It’s usu­al­ly 100-dol­lar tick­ets, you can’t see much except for what’s on the Jum­botron, and you end up with a row of danc­ing teenaged girls with scrunchies, block­ing your view, and singing in your ear.

It sucks.

When I heard that the Pix­ies were re-form­ing and tour­ing this sum­mer, I knew that I’d glad­ly plop down the 100 bucks, and put up with Are­na-beer prices, for just a glimpse of them play­ing togeth­er again, live. But, then came the bad news — it was worse than expect­ed. The Pix­ies were play­ing Lola­palooza. Dear god.

I have a the­o­ry about huge out­door fes­ti­vals — they suck the most. I sat through the Lilith Fair, just to see Liz Phair, and it was­n’t worth the effort.

Any­way, all of this was ren­dered moot, since Lola­palooza was can­celled, and the Pix­ies were forced to orga­nize their own tour.

Arguably, Boston is the home base for the Pix­ies cult, so I expect­ed them to do a week at a club, or play the Orpheum, a large the­atre. Not so — they aren’t even play­ing Boston, choos­ing instead to book two shows in small are­nas in Amherst and Low­ell. I can’t fath­om why.

Tick­ets went on sale today at 10am… and, Pres­ley and I had our Power­books open to ticketmaster.com in bed. We got 4 Gen. Admis­sion tick­ets for each show, Novem­ber 30, and Decem­ber 1. I won­der who we’ll invite along…

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  • I saw Wilco just last night. And I must say, time after time — stand­ing next to peo­ple that smell and dance and sing bad is entire­ly worth see­ing the music you love in person.

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