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Schilling is Shilling for Bush?

It already seems like a dream—the Red Sox reversed the 86-year curse, by sweeping the World Series on Wednesday night, and I haven’t posted yet. I gotta say, it’s been a great thing for this town, and for its decades of great teams that just couldn’t win it all.

Schilling, Pedro, DLowe, Ortiz, Manny, Foulke… all heroes. Can’t wait to great them at the parade tomorrow.

But what is up with Schilling, shilling for Bush ? Someone needs to tell him that there are two Evil Empires—the Yankees, and the Bushies.

This is Kerry country, Curt. We love the way you pitch, and we put up with all your “I love Jesus” talk, but nobody cares if you’re for lowering your own taxes, and not everybody else’s. Keep that to yourself.

Apparently, his “doctors” instructed him to cancel the appearances with Bush in New Hampshire, today.

Wickid Smaaaht…

On to the World Series

I’m on a cloud right now… I never thought that I’d see this.

On to Game Seven

I can’t believe how well Schilling pitched last night, with a bloody sock and all… I had my doubts, but from the first pitch, I knew he had good stuff.

That said, I don’t think the Yankees will choke tonight… we need only remember Game 7 last year. But, I’d love to see A-Rod crying into Jeter’s arms more than anything…

D-Lowe is capable of a good outing – let’s just hope he can keep his head clear, and get that sinker turning over.

On to Game 7Keep the Faith!

On to Game Six

My heart felt as if it would explode tonight, as the Red Sox & Yankees again took it to extra innings, in Game 5.

David Ortiz came through huge (again) tonight for the Sox, and we’d probably be talking about an MVP award at this point, except for the fact that the Sox lost the first 3 games in the series.

But, we’re through to Game 6, and I’m encouraged by the pitching (starting and bullpen) in the past two games. The big question is, can Curt Schilling pitch well tomorrow, with the tendon injury and the high-top cleat? I sure hope so.

October Scare – 2000 Redux

What happens when you’re a new publicly-traded company, and you announce that you’re not going to meet the quarterly projections?

Stock free-fall.

  • Bad news? Lay-offs and termination. 10 people at our site, about 10%.
  • Good news? They fired some really useless people. Also, the only team mentioned in the meeting as doing well, was my team and my project.


Still, it is scary– like it’s the year 2000 all over again. Strangely, I wore my defunct dot com fleece jacket to work today. What a bad omen.

VP Debate: Edwards won, Cheney lied

UPDATE: Another funny note, if you go to the URL provided by Cheney in the debate last night,, it forwards to George Soros’ anti-Bush site. The Soros site claims not to be behind the re-direct, so some domain-squatter has a sense of humor.

As usual, kos, atrios and the other Liberal webloggers are fact-checking where the major media outlets will not. Here are some of Cheney’s assertions in the debate, and why they’re lies:

  • CHENEY: “Your hometown newspaper has taken to calling you Senator Gone.”LIE
  • CHENEY: “You’ve got one of the worst attendance records in the United States Senate… I’m up in the Senate most Tuesdays when they’re in session… The first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight.”LIE and LIE
  • CHENEY: “Well, the reason they keep mentioning Halliburton is because they’re trying to throw up a smokescreen. They know the charges are false. They know that if you go, for example, to factcheck[.org], an independent Web site sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania, you can get the specific details with respect to Halliburton.”LIE

Also, the DNC posted a 1-minute video, Cheney vs. Reality. Good to see the good guys punching back.

Kos also has a good round-up of reactions from the Liberal newspapers, and Salon calls out the Hardball crew on MSNBC.

Lazy, lazy media… they complain that webloggers aren’t always prudently journalistic, but it’s clear that they are better than reporters at digging up the facts.

Air America Radio in Boston

For you Boston-area readers, if you self-identify yourself as a Liberal, or if you’re an undecided, (I still don’t know how you could be), tune your car stereos to AM 1430 or 1200Air America Radio has come to Boston.

One stupid thing, is that the station doesn’t carry Randi Rhodes and Janeane Garofalo live. Because it’s on delay, you can’t call in with questions, as you listen.

Hmmm… since the station is owned by Clear Channel, and they have their own talent and shows… perhaps they are afraid to let Randi and Janeane compete with the home-grown crap?

I’d have to do some more research, but it looks pretty fishy…

Voter Registration Deadline

I just want to remind everyone to register to vote soon, if you’d like a say in the Presidential election on November 2nd.

The deadline here in Massachusetts is October 13, so print the registration form out, and mail in in by 10/13, if you live in the Bay state.

Also, there are lots of things to choose from on the ballot—if you want to be informed, I suggest looking over the Information for Voters 2004 packet.

If you live in another state, or you’re looking for more information, check out Jason Kottke’s initiative, Voters Information Guide for the 2004 US Election.

Oh, and remember, John Kerry needs every vote… I’m looking at you, New Hampshire…


After several months of trying out different solutions for posting my photos here, I’ve settled on Flickr. There are lots of great reasons why, but my number one criterion is that it’s easy… and Flickr is easy.

I’ve tried uploading photos through MT manually, and I’ve tried using my Typepad account for photo albums… in both cases, I’ve dreaded the process so much that I rarely posted photos. Flickr is easy and flexible — you have a variety of posting options, and it provides community features not available if you run a diy photo album.

The problem is, when you put all your photo “eggs” in one basket, you incredibly dependent on this outside service. Here are some questions I’m struggling with:

  • If goes down, (as it is right now), I’m stuck with embarrassingly ugly broken images littering my weblog.
  • What if Flickr goes away in 1-2 years? What happens to my past posts? Flickr comments? I’d be forced to go back and edit a lot of posts, and I might lose a lot of data.
  • Load time: I’m using a Flickr badge to show my last 3 photos posted — but this feature utilizes remote javascript, which can delay the page load. There are some other methods of achieving the same result, probably via the Flickr API.

Having considered the pros and cons, I’m going to stick with Flickr for now. Let’s just hope they can keep the service up and running.

UPDATE: The problem was DNS trouble again.