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Schilling is Shilling for Bush?

It already seems like a dream—the Red Sox reversed the 86-year curse, by sweep­ing the World Series on Wednes­day night, and I haven’t post­ed yet. I got­ta say, it’s been a great thing for this town, and for its decades of great teams that just couldn’t win it all.

Schilling, Pedro, DLowe, Ortiz, Man­ny, Foulke… all heroes. Can’t wait to great them at the parade tomorrow.

But what is up with Schilling, shilling for Bush ? Some­one needs to tell him that there are two Evil Empires—the Yan­kees, and the Bushies.

This is Ker­ry coun­try, Curt. We love the way you pitch, and we put up with all your “I love Jesus” talk, but nobody cares if you’re for low­er­ing your own tax­es, and not every­body else’s. Keep that to yourself.

Appar­ent­ly, his “doc­tors” instruct­ed him to can­cel the appear­ances with Bush in New Hamp­shire, today.

Wick­id Smaaaht…

On to the World Series

I’m on a cloud right now… I nev­er thought that I’d see this.

On to Game Seven

I can’t believe how well Schilling pitched last night, with a bloody sock and all… I had my doubts, but from the first pitch, I knew he had good stuff.

That said, I don’t think the Yan­kees will choke tonight… we need only remem­ber Game 7 last year. But, I’d love to see A‑Rod cry­ing into Jeter’s arms more than anything…

D‑Lowe is capa­ble of a good out­ing – let’s just hope he can keep his head clear, and get that sinker turn­ing over.

On to Game 7Keep the Faith!

On to Game Six

My heart felt as if it would explode tonight, as the Red Sox & Yan­kees again took it to extra innings, in Game 5.

David Ortiz came through huge (again) tonight for the Sox, and we’d prob­a­bly be talk­ing about an MVP award at this point, except for the fact that the Sox lost the first 3 games in the series.

But, we’re through to Game 6, and I’m encour­aged by the pitch­ing (start­ing and bullpen) in the past two games. The big ques­tion is, can Curt Schilling pitch well tomor­row, with the ten­don injury and the high-top cleat? I sure hope so.

October Scare — 2000 Redux

What hap­pens when you’re a new pub­licly-trad­ed com­pa­ny, and you announce that you’re not going to meet the quar­ter­ly projections?

Stock free-fall.

  • Bad news? Lay-offs and ter­mi­na­tion. 10 peo­ple at our site, about 10%.
  • Good news? They fired some real­ly use­less peo­ple. Also, the only team men­tioned in the meet­ing as doing well, was my team and my project.


Still, it is scary– like it’s the year 2000 all over again. Strange­ly, I wore my defunct dot com fleece jack­et to work today. What a bad omen.

VP Debate: Edwards won, Cheney lied

UPDATE: Anoth­er fun­ny note, if you go to the URL pro­vid­ed by Cheney in the debate last night,, it for­wards to George Soros’ anti-Bush site. The Soros site claims not to be behind the re-direct, so some domain-squat­ter has a sense of humor.

As usu­al, kos, atrios and the oth­er Lib­er­al weblog­gers are fact-check­ing where the major media out­lets will not. Here are some of Cheney’s asser­tions in the debate, and why they’re lies:

  • CHENEY: “Your home­town news­pa­per has tak­en to call­ing you Sen­a­tor Gone.”LIE
  • CHENEY: “You’ve got one of the worst atten­dance records in the Unit­ed States Sen­ate… I’m up in the Sen­ate most Tues­days when they’re in ses­sion… The first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight.”LIE and LIE
  • CHENEY: “Well, the rea­son they keep men­tion­ing Hal­libur­ton is because they’re try­ing to throw up a smoke­screen. They know the charges are false. They know that if you go, for exam­ple, to factcheck[.org], an inde­pen­dent Web site spon­sored by the Uni­ver­si­ty of Penn­syl­va­nia, you can get the spe­cif­ic details with respect to Hal­libur­ton.”LIE

Also, the DNC post­ed a 1‑minute video, Cheney vs. Real­i­ty. Good to see the good guys punch­ing back.

Kos also has a good round-up of reac­tions from the Lib­er­al news­pa­pers, and Salon calls out the Hard­ball crew on MSNBC.

Lazy, lazy media… they com­plain that weblog­gers aren’t always pru­dent­ly jour­nal­is­tic, but it’s clear that they are bet­ter than reporters at dig­ging up the facts.

Air America Radio in Boston

For you Boston-area read­ers, if you self-iden­ti­fy your­self as a Lib­er­al, or if you’re an unde­cid­ed, (I still don’t know how you could be), tune your car stere­os to AM 1430 or 1200Air Amer­i­ca Radio has come to Boston.

One stu­pid thing, is that the sta­tion does­n’t car­ry Ran­di Rhodes and Janeane Garo­fa­lo live. Because it’s on delay, you can’t call in with ques­tions, as you listen.

Hmmm… since the sta­tion is owned by Clear Chan­nel, and they have their own tal­ent and shows… per­haps they are afraid to let Ran­di and Janeane com­pete with the home-grown crap?

I’d have to do some more research, but it looks pret­ty fishy…

Voter Registration Deadline

I just want to remind every­one to reg­is­ter to vote soon, if you’d like a say in the Pres­i­den­tial elec­tion on Novem­ber 2nd.

The dead­line here in Mass­a­chu­setts is Octo­ber 13, so print the reg­is­tra­tion form out, and mail in in by 10/13, if you live in the Bay state.

Also, there are lots of things to choose from on the ballot—if you want to be informed, I sug­gest look­ing over the Infor­ma­tion for Vot­ers 2004 packet.

If you live in anoth­er state, or you’re look­ing for more infor­ma­tion, check out Jason Kottke’s ini­tia­tive, Vot­ers Infor­ma­tion Guide for the 2004 US Elec­tion.

Oh, and remem­ber, John Ker­ry needs every vote… I’m look­ing at you, New Hampshire…


After sev­er­al months of try­ing out dif­fer­ent solu­tions for post­ing my pho­tos here, I’ve set­tled on Flickr. There are lots of great rea­sons why, but my num­ber one cri­te­ri­on is that it’s easy… and Flickr is easy.

I’ve tried upload­ing pho­tos through MT man­u­al­ly, and I’ve tried using my Type­pad account for pho­to albums… in both cas­es, I’ve dread­ed the process so much that I rarely post­ed pho­tos. Flickr is easy and flex­i­ble — you have a vari­ety of post­ing options, and it pro­vides com­mu­ni­ty fea­tures not avail­able if you run a diy pho­to album.

The prob­lem is, when you put all your pho­to “eggs” in one bas­ket, you incred­i­bly depen­dent on this out­side ser­vice. Here are some ques­tions I’m strug­gling with:

  • If goes down, (as it is right now), I’m stuck with embar­rass­ing­ly ugly bro­ken images lit­ter­ing my weblog.
  • What if Flickr goes away in 1–2 years? What hap­pens to my past posts? Flickr com­ments? I’d be forced to go back and edit a lot of posts, and I might lose a lot of data.
  • Load time: I’m using a Flickr badge to show my last 3 pho­tos post­ed — but this fea­ture uti­lizes remote javascript, which can delay the page load. There are some oth­er meth­ods of achiev­ing the same result, prob­a­bly via the Flickr API.

Hav­ing con­sid­ered the pros and cons, I’m going to stick with Flickr for now. Let’s just hope they can keep the ser­vice up and running.

UPDATE: The prob­lem was DNS trou­ble again.