After several months of trying out different solutions for posting my photos here, I’ve settled on Flickr. There are lots of great reasons why, but my number one criterion is that it’s easy… and Flickr is easy.

I’ve tried uploading photos through MT manually, and I’ve tried using my Typepad account for photo albums… in both cases, I’ve dreaded the process so much that I rarely posted photos. Flickr is easy and flexible — you have a variety of posting options, and it provides community features not available if you run a diy photo album.

The problem is, when you put all your photo “eggs” in one basket, you incredibly dependent on this outside service. Here are some questions I’m struggling with:

  • If goes down, (as it is right now), I’m stuck with embarrassingly ugly broken images littering my weblog.
  • What if Flickr goes away in 1-2 years? What happens to my past posts? Flickr comments? I’d be forced to go back and edit a lot of posts, and I might lose a lot of data.
  • Load time: I’m using a Flickr badge to show my last 3 photos posted — but this feature utilizes remote javascript, which can delay the page load. There are some other methods of achieving the same result, probably via the Flickr API.

Having considered the pros and cons, I’m going to stick with Flickr for now. Let’s just hope they can keep the service up and running.

UPDATE: The problem was DNS trouble again.

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