After sev­er­al months of try­ing out dif­fer­ent solu­tions for post­ing my pho­tos here, I’ve set­tled on Flickr. There are lots of great rea­sons why, but my num­ber one cri­te­ri­on is that it’s easy… and Flickr is easy.

I’ve tried upload­ing pho­tos through MT man­u­al­ly, and I’ve tried using my Type­pad account for pho­to albums… in both cas­es, I’ve dread­ed the process so much that I rarely post­ed pho­tos. Flickr is easy and flex­i­ble — you have a vari­ety of post­ing options, and it pro­vides com­mu­ni­ty fea­tures not avail­able if you run a diy pho­to album.

The prob­lem is, when you put all your pho­to “eggs” in one bas­ket, you incred­i­bly depen­dent on this out­side ser­vice. Here are some ques­tions I’m strug­gling with:

  • If goes down, (as it is right now), I’m stuck with embar­rass­ing­ly ugly bro­ken images lit­ter­ing my weblog.
  • What if Flickr goes away in 1–2 years? What hap­pens to my past posts? Flickr com­ments? I’d be forced to go back and edit a lot of posts, and I might lose a lot of data.
  • Load time: I’m using a Flickr badge to show my last 3 pho­tos post­ed — but this fea­ture uti­lizes remote javascript, which can delay the page load. There are some oth­er meth­ods of achiev­ing the same result, prob­a­bly via the Flickr API.

Hav­ing con­sid­ered the pros and cons, I’m going to stick with Flickr for now. Let’s just hope they can keep the ser­vice up and running.

UPDATE: The prob­lem was DNS trou­ble again.

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