VP Debate: Edwards won, Cheney lied

UPDATE: Another funny note, if you go to the URL pro­vided by Cheney in the debate last night, factcheck.com, it for­wards to George Soros’ anti-Bush site. The Soros site claims not to be behind the re-direct, so some domain-squatter has a sense of humor.

As usual, kos, atrios and the other Lib­eral weblog­gers are fact-checking where the major media out­lets will not. Here are some of Cheney’s asser­tions in the debate, and why they’re lies:

  • CHENEY: “Your home­town news­pa­per has taken to call­ing you Sen­a­tor Gone.”LIE
  • CHENEY: “You’ve got one of the worst atten­dance records in the United States Sen­ate… I’m up in the Sen­ate most Tues­days when they’re in ses­sion… The first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight.”LIE and LIE
  • CHENEY: “Well, the rea­son they keep men­tion­ing Hal­libur­ton is because they’re try­ing to throw up a smoke­screen. They know the charges are false. They know that if you go, for exam­ple, to factcheck[.org], an inde­pen­dent Web site spon­sored by the Uni­ver­sity of Penn­syl­va­nia, you can get the spe­cific details with respect to Hal­libur­ton.”LIE

Also, the DNC posted a 1-minute video, Cheney vs. Real­ity. Good to see the good guys punch­ing back.

Kos also has a good round-up of reac­tions from the Lib­eral news­pa­pers, and Salon calls out the Hard­ball crew on MSNBC.

Lazy, lazy media… they com­plain that weblog­gers aren’t always pru­dently jour­nal­is­tic, but it’s clear that they are bet­ter than reporters at dig­ging up the facts.

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