October Scare — 2000 Redux

What hap­pens when you’re a new pub­licly-trad­ed com­pa­ny, and you announce that you’re not going to meet the quar­ter­ly projections?

Stock free-fall.

  • Bad news? Lay-offs and ter­mi­na­tion. 10 peo­ple at our site, about 10%.
  • Good news? They fired some real­ly use­less peo­ple. Also, the only team men­tioned in the meet­ing as doing well, was my team and my project.


Still, it is scary– like it’s the year 2000 all over again. Strange­ly, I wore my defunct dot com fleece jack­et to work today. What a bad omen.

1 Response to “October Scare — 2000 Redux”

  • That is scary.

    I remem­ber the two times it happ­ned while I was there. No real warn­ing, just pack your stuff and off you go.

    I was lucky to have been rel­a­tive­ly untouch­able the dur­ing the first round (as a con­trac­tor) and then not being a crap­py employ­ee dur­ing the sec­ond round.

    Glad to hear you survived.

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