October Scare – 2000 Redux

What happens when you’re a new publicly-traded company, and you announce that you’re not going to meet the quarterly projections?

Stock free-fall.

  • Bad news? Lay-offs and termination. 10 people at our site, about 10%.
  • Good news? They fired some really useless people. Also, the only team mentioned in the meeting as doing well, was my team and my project.


Still, it is scary– like it’s the year 2000 all over again. Strangely, I wore my defunct dot com fleece jacket to work today. What a bad omen.

1 Response to “October Scare – 2000 Redux”

  • That is scary.

    I remember the two times it happned while I was there. No real warning, just pack your stuff and off you go.

    I was lucky to have been relatively untouchable the during the first round (as a contractor) and then not being a crappy employee during the second round.

    Glad to hear you survived.

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