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Com­ments” are one of the most neglect­ed areas of this site, so I am hap­py to annouce that I final­ly got around to adding Gra­vatars func­tion­al­i­ty to this site’s com­ment post­ing. If you have a Gra­vatar, I’d love to have you post a com­ment and show it off. If you don’t have one, get one… they’re a nice way to per­son­al­ize your comments.

I’ve been admir­ing both Casey’s work on Jess’s weblog, and John Oxton’s impli­men­ta­tion, and cam­paign to reg­is­ter Gra­vatars… it’s kind of nice to see com­ments get their due…

I would sus­pect that the Six Apart peo­ple are think­ing about adding some­thing like this — it seems almost ready-made for Type­Key. But, we’ll see.

UPDATE: I noticed today that Waferba­by also added user icons…

UPDATE #2: Zooiblog too

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Giving Thanks

roasted”, posted by nedward

We’ve start­ed a Thanks­giv­ing tra­di­tion in our lit­tle fam­i­ly, choos­ing to for­go the exhaust­ing trips to the ances­tral Buf­fa­lo, in favor of cook­ing our own damn Turkey for our friends. Pres­ley called it the “Orphan’s Thanks­giv­ing”, and she cer­tain­ly did­n’t dis­ap­point. I’m going to be hap­pi­ly eat­ing Turkey for the next 10 days

Thanks to Pres­ley, Macy, Lind­sey, Toby, and every­one who called up to wish us well last night. And thanks for the 7 bot­tles of wine that we poured.

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J. Crew iPod case

jcrew-ipod.jpgA friend at work came in today with a rather inter­est­ing iPod case — one that she got from J. Crew.

Avail­able for $29.99, in yup­pie-rif­ic blue, green and pink.

Here is the description:

Made from the same pure Ital­ian silk as our ties. With leather. Clear vinyl screen cov­er; remov­able neo­prene-lined flap for extra pro­tec­tion. Leather-cov­ered met­al belt clip.

This strikes me as odd, since J. Crew is hard­ly in the busi­ness of craft­ing leather cas­es for con­sumer elec­tron­ics. But, per­haps it just illus­trates what a cul­tur­al icon the iPod has become.

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Say ‘no’ to MAX cat

max cat makes you vomitFYI: Our cat Katya start­ed barf­ing after we switched canned cat food to MAX Cat Lite Chick­en & Lamb, and now both cats won’t touch the stuff.

They weren’t raised dumb, you know…

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Pixies”, posted by nedward

I’m excit­ed — in less than two weeks, I’ll final­ly get to see live one of my favorite bands — the Pix­ies.

I’ve been talk­ing about it for more than a year now, and it feels like we ordered the tick­ets a year ago, on a morn­ing where I woke up with gum stuck in my hair.

Did you get tickets?

We’ve got a cou­ple of extra tick­ets for 2 of the Mass­a­chu­setts Pix­ies shows:

If you’re inter­est­ed, email me: ned [at]

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Warning ticket

warning ticket

warning ticket”, by nedward

Not a good idea, blow­ing a stop sign in your own ‘hood. Luck­i­ly, I got off with a warning.

Cars are stu­pid… even Saabs.

Daily Bookmarks are Dead. Long Live Daily Bookmarks

I’m tired of main­tain­ing my link log with­in my MT instal­la­tion. It was some­thing I hacked togeth­er a long time ago, and nev­er spent the time to prop­er­ly sort out.

Dai­ly book­mark­ing is becom­ing quite pop­u­lar these days… I remem­ber when Anil’s side­bar was my dai­ly lunchtime read­ing. Now, I’ve got a news aggre­ga­tor with hun­dreds of feeds going.

Enter “Social Book­marks”… is fill­ing that niche for book­marks that Flickr is for pho­tog­ra­phy… It’s an easy ser­vice to use, host­ed off-site, which can be quick­ly inte­grat­ed into your exist­ing web log. And, there is that “social” com­po­nent, which encour­ages com­mu­ni­ty sharing.

So, as you may have noticed, my book­marks are now updat­ed, in-line, once per day. RSS feed is avail­able as well.

UPDATE: Some­one that I know, (and that I may or may not share a bed with), has her own feed going.. So, the schism has begun… with RSS.

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First Snow in Boston

First Snow”, by presley

Is it just me, or is it not sup­posed to snow like this before Thanksgiving?

UPDATE: I’ve been fid­dling around with Flickr’s Blog func­tion­al­i­ty, try­ing to find a good tem­plate that works. This one was inspired by Matt Haughey’s solu­tion, which uses some inline styling to crop the photo.

I like this solu­tion not only because it is visu­al­ly attrac­tive, but also because it loads the image in the back­ground, hope­ful­ly reduc­ing the ini­tial page load time. Of course, I don’t have a dial-up con­nec­tion to test this, but the­o­ret­i­cal­ly, it makes sense.

Now, if only they would add cat­e­go­ry sup­port for their Blog widget…

Breakfast for Dinner

Every­one is abuzz about Sat­ur­day’s Break­fast for Din­ner, host­ed by Jason and Kim. I’m going to be total­ly fat after this… look at the menu.

And if that isn’t enough, the drink menu will have me falling down drunk pret­ty quick.

Great idea, “Break­fast for Dinner”…

The Incredibles

ElastigirlI was incred­i­bly impressed with The Incred­i­bles, despite my well-known aver­sion to ani­mat­ed kid­die-fare. I nev­er saw the Toy Sto­ries, and Find­ing Nemo’s sto­ry was stale and Albert Brooks was insuf­fer­able, but this film is dif­fer­ent — it’s fun­ny, unex­pect­ed, and mul­ti-lay­ered. It’s part James Bond, part Spy Kids (nev­er saw those either), and part Rocky V — that is, what hap­pens after the glo­ry days have passed you by. The good news is, this film is noth­ing like Rocky V.

What can I say? I’m a suck­ah for Hol­ly Hunter and her grav­el­ly Geor­gia drawl. For a con­trast to her moth­er­ly warmth in this film, go rent Crash… talk about range.

M‑Beat Theme

mbeat.gifI’ve been look­ing for a good menu con­troller for iTunes, and it’s been a dif­fi­cult search. I test­ed many apps, includ­ing Quick­Tunes, You Con­trol Tunes, and Syn­er­gy. Each has its rel­a­tive strengths and weak­ness­es, but I just couldn’t get every­thing I want­ed in one package:

  • Dis­play track info on the menubar

  • Unob­tru­sive design, that blends with my OS X theme

  • Glob­al key­board shortcuts

  • Pop-up floater with track info and album art

  • Sol­id app, that doesn’t crash

In the end, I decid­ed to go with The Lit­tle App Factory’s M‑Beat, which sat­is­fies all of these require­ments, and includes sup­port for skin­ning themes.

This bit of cus­tomiza­tion was the clinch­er, because I wasn’t sat­is­fied with the way the default “look” inte­grat­ed in my menu. So, I cre­at­ed a theme to match my Milk OS X theme: