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“Comments” are one of the most neglected areas of this site, so I am happy to annouce that I finally got around to adding Gravatars functionality to this site’s comment posting. If you have a Gravatar, I’d love to have you post a comment and show it off. If you don’t have one, get one… they’re a nice way to personalize your comments.

I’ve been admiring both Casey’s work on Jess’s weblog, and John Oxton’s implimentation, and campaign to register Gravatars… it’s kind of nice to see comments get their due…

I would suspect that the Six Apart people are thinking about adding something like this — it seems almost ready-made for TypeKey. But, we’ll see.

UPDATE: I noticed today that Waferbaby also added user icons…

UPDATE #2: Zooiblog too

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Giving Thanks

“roasted”, posted by nedward

We’ve started a Thanksgiving tradition in our little family, choosing to forgo the exhausting trips to the ancestral Buffalo, in favor of cooking our own damn Turkey for our friends. Presley called it the “Orphan’s Thanksgiving”, and she certainly didn’t disappoint. I’m going to be happily eating Turkey for the next 10 days

Thanks to Presley, Macy, Lindsey, Toby, and everyone who called up to wish us well last night. And thanks for the 7 bottles of wine that we poured.

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J. Crew iPod case

jcrew-ipod.jpgA friend at work came in today with a rather interesting iPod case — one that she got from J. Crew.

Available for $29.99, in yuppie-rific blue, green and pink.

Here is the description:

Made from the same pure Italian silk as our ties. With leather. Clear vinyl screen cover; removable neoprene-lined flap for extra protection. Leather-covered metal belt clip.

This strikes me as odd, since J. Crew is hardly in the business of crafting leather cases for consumer electronics. But, perhaps it just illustrates what a cultural icon the iPod has become.

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Say ‘no’ to MAX cat

max cat makes you vomitFYI: Our cat Katya started barfing after we switched canned cat food to MAX Cat Lite Chicken & Lamb, and now both cats won’t touch the stuff.

They weren’t raised dumb, you know…

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“Pixies”, posted by nedward

I’m excited — in less than two weeks, I’ll finally get to see live one of my favorite bands — the Pixies.

I’ve been talking about it for more than a year now, and it feels like we ordered the tickets a year ago, on a morning where I woke up with gum stuck in my hair.

Did you get tickets?

We’ve got a couple of extra tickets for 2 of the Massachusetts Pixies shows:

If you’re interested, email me: ned [at]

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Warning ticket

warning ticket

“warning ticket”, by nedward

Not a good idea, blowing a stop sign in your own ‘hood. Luckily, I got off with a warning.

Cars are stupid… even Saabs.

Daily Bookmarks are Dead. Long Live Daily Bookmarks

I’m tired of maintaining my link log within my MT installation. It was something I hacked together a long time ago, and never spent the time to properly sort out.

Daily bookmarking is becoming quite popular these days… I remember when Anil’s sidebar was my daily lunchtime reading. Now, I’ve got a news aggregator with hundreds of feeds going.

Enter “Social Bookmarks”… is filling that niche for bookmarks that Flickr is for photography… It’s an easy service to use, hosted off-site, which can be quickly integrated into your existing web log. And, there is that “social” component, which encourages community sharing.

So, as you may have noticed, my bookmarks are now updated, in-line, once per day. RSS feed is available as well.

UPDATE: Someone that I know, (and that I may or may not share a bed with), has her own feed going.. So, the schism has begun… with RSS.

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First Snow in Boston

“First Snow”, by presley

Is it just me, or is it not supposed to snow like this before Thanksgiving?

UPDATE: I’ve been fiddling around with Flickr’s Blog functionality, trying to find a good template that works. This one was inspired by Matt Haughey’s solution, which uses some inline styling to crop the photo.

I like this solution not only because it is visually attractive, but also because it loads the image in the background, hopefully reducing the initial page load time. Of course, I don’t have a dial-up connection to test this, but theoretically, it makes sense.

Now, if only they would add category support for their Blog widget…

Breakfast for Dinner

Everyone is abuzz about Saturday’s Breakfast for Dinner, hosted by Jason and Kim. I’m going to be totally fat after this… look at the menu.

And if that isn’t enough, the drink menu will have me falling down drunk pretty quick.

Great idea, “Breakfast for Dinner”…

The Incredibles

ElastigirlI was incredibly impressed with The Incredibles, despite my well-known aversion to animated kiddie-fare. I never saw the Toy Stories, and Finding Nemo‘s story was stale and Albert Brooks was insufferable, but this film is different — it’s funny, unexpected, and multi-layered. It’s part James Bond, part Spy Kids (never saw those either), and part Rocky V — that is, what happens after the glory days have passed you by. The good news is, this film is nothing like Rocky V.

What can I say? I’m a suckah for Holly Hunter and her gravelly Georgia drawl. For a contrast to her motherly warmth in this film, go rent Crash… talk about range.

M-Beat Theme

mbeat.gifI’ve been looking for a good menu controller for iTunes, and it’s been a difficult search. I tested many apps, including QuickTunes, You Control Tunes, and Synergy. Each has its relative strengths and weaknesses, but I just couldn’t get everything I wanted in one package:

  • Display track info on the menubar

  • Unobtrusive design, that blends with my OS X theme

  • Global keyboard shortcuts

  • Pop-up floater with track info and album art

  • Solid app, that doesn’t crash

In the end, I decided to go with The Little App Factory’s M-Beat, which satisfies all of these requirements, and includes support for skinning themes.

This bit of customization was the clincher, because I wasn’t satisfied with the way the default “look” integrated in my menu. So, I created a theme to match my Milk OS X theme: