First Snow in Boston

“First Snow”, by presley

Is it just me, or is it not supposed to snow like this before Thanksgiving?

UPDATE: I’ve been fiddling around with Flickr’s Blog functionality, trying to find a good template that works. This one was inspired by Matt Haughey’s solution, which uses some inline styling to crop the photo.

I like this solution not only because it is visually attractive, but also because it loads the image in the background, hopefully reducing the initial page load time. Of course, I don’t have a dial-up connection to test this, but theoretically, it makes sense.

Now, if only they would add category support for their Blog widget…

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  • Count yourself lucky. Here in Alberta, Canada we had snow on the 9th of September, and not just a little, it was such a storm that it cost St. Albert (where I live) tens of thousands of dollars in clean up costs due to all the tree damage. It was ridiculous!

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