Daily Bookmarks are Dead. Long Live Daily Bookmarks

I’m tired of main­tain­ing my link log with­in my MT instal­la­tion. It was some­thing I hacked togeth­er a long time ago, and nev­er spent the time to prop­er­ly sort out.

Dai­ly book­mark­ing is becom­ing quite pop­u­lar these days… I remem­ber when Anil’s side­bar was my dai­ly lunchtime read­ing. Now, I’ve got a news aggre­ga­tor with hun­dreds of feeds going.

Enter “Social Book­marks”… Del.icio.us is fill­ing that niche for book­marks that Flickr is for pho­tog­ra­phy… It’s an easy ser­vice to use, host­ed off-site, which can be quick­ly inte­grat­ed into your exist­ing web log. And, there is that “social” com­po­nent, which encour­ages com­mu­ni­ty sharing.

So, as you may have noticed, my del.icio.us book­marks are now updat­ed, in-line, once per day. RSS feed is avail­able as well.

UPDATE: Some­one that I know, (and that I may or may not share a bed with), has her own del.icio.us feed going.. So, the schism has begun… with RSS.

2 Responses to “Daily Bookmarks are Dead. Long Live Daily Bookmarks”

  • great to see anoth­er del.icio.us user — i’m a big fan of the ser­vice. in case you want to expose the links in your side­bar, this is the hack i got to work: http://dionidium.com/2004/02/del.icio.us‑0.2. there are a bunch of oth­er options avail­able, and i have no con­nec­tion to that site, but thought i’d men­tion it b/c it took me a while to hunt around for a sim­ple way to do that.



  • I don’t know if the splic­ing real­ly works for me, a side­blog imple­men­ta­tion is more flex­i­ble in my opinion.

    Regard­less, at the moment I also splice my deli­cious links in posts, because it’s sim­pler. It does have one effect though — you quick­ly become aware of the num­ber of sites you vis­it when your book­mark posts quick­ly out­num­ber the ‘real con­tent’ on your site.

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