Daily Bookmarks are Dead. Long Live Daily Bookmarks

I’m tired of maintaining my link log within my MT installation. It was something I hacked together a long time ago, and never spent the time to properly sort out.

Daily bookmarking is becoming quite popular these days… I remember when Anil’s sidebar was my daily lunchtime reading. Now, I’ve got a news aggregator with hundreds of feeds going.

Enter “Social Bookmarks”… Del.icio.us is filling that niche for bookmarks that Flickr is for photography… It’s an easy service to use, hosted off-site, which can be quickly integrated into your existing web log. And, there is that “social” component, which encourages community sharing.

So, as you may have noticed, my del.icio.us bookmarks are now updated, in-line, once per day. RSS feed is available as well.

UPDATE: Someone that I know, (and that I may or may not share a bed with), has her own del.icio.us feed going.. So, the schism has begun… with RSS.

2 Responses to “Daily Bookmarks are Dead. Long Live Daily Bookmarks”

  • great to see another del.icio.us user – i’m a big fan of the service. in case you want to expose the links in your sidebar, this is the hack i got to work: http://dionidium.com/2004/02/del.icio.us-0.2. there are a bunch of other options available, and i have no connection to that site, but thought i’d mention it b/c it took me a while to hunt around for a simple way to do that.



  • I don’t know if the splicing really works for me, a sideblog implementation is more flexible in my opinion.

    Regardless, at the moment I also splice my delicious links in posts, because it’s simpler. It does have one effect though – you quickly become aware of the number of sites you visit when your bookmark posts quickly outnumber the ‘real content’ on your site.

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