J. Crew iPod case

jcrew-ipod.jpgA friend at work came in today with a rather inter­est­ing iPod case — one that she got from J. Crew.

Avail­able for $29.99, in yup­pie-rif­ic blue, green and pink.

Here is the description:

Made from the same pure Ital­ian silk as our ties. With leather. Clear vinyl screen cov­er; remov­able neo­prene-lined flap for extra pro­tec­tion. Leather-cov­ered met­al belt clip.

This strikes me as odd, since J. Crew is hard­ly in the busi­ness of craft­ing leather cas­es for con­sumer elec­tron­ics. But, per­haps it just illus­trates what a cul­tur­al icon the iPod has become.

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  • Odd­ly, I could­n’t find these from the jcrew site itself (unless i was look­ing in the wrong place, but i looked every­where). i had to fol­low your link… sad­ly the stripes make them kind of ugly, in my opinion.

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