Giving Thanks

roasted”, posted by nedward

We’ve start­ed a Thanks­giv­ing tra­di­tion in our lit­tle fam­i­ly, choos­ing to for­go the exhaust­ing trips to the ances­tral Buf­fa­lo, in favor of cook­ing our own damn Turkey for our friends. Pres­ley called it the “Orphan’s Thanks­giv­ing”, and she cer­tain­ly did­n’t dis­ap­point. I’m going to be hap­pi­ly eat­ing Turkey for the next 10 days

Thanks to Pres­ley, Macy, Lind­sey, Toby, and every­one who called up to wish us well last night. And thanks for the 7 bot­tles of wine that we poured.

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