“Comments” are one of the most neglected areas of this site, so I am happy to annouce that I finally got around to adding Gravatars functionality to this site’s comment posting. If you have a Gravatar, I’d love to have you post a comment and show it off. If you don’t have one, get one… they’re a nice way to personalize your comments.

I’ve been admiring both Casey’s work on Jess’s weblog, and John Oxton’s implimentation, and campaign to register Gravatars… it’s kind of nice to see comments get their due…

I would suspect that the Six Apart people are thinking about adding something like this — it seems almost ready-made for TypeKey. But, we’ll see.

UPDATE: I noticed today that Waferbaby also added user icons…

UPDATE #2: Zooiblog too

6 Responses to “Gravatars”

  • Neat. I’ve been thinking up a few different options for Jess’ site in case maintaining the photos gets out of hand. I’d like to work on some geeky solution (such as crawling the commenter’s url and finding an RSS feed with a site image :) but I think that having her pop in photos for her regulars is working well so far.

    It would be cool if people could maintain global avatars in a decentralized way – something less .com and more semantic web….

  • I agree… it would be cool to go get the commenters’ “favicon”: from their site (if they had one)… but, even this solution excludes people without domains (or favicons). And, if sites like “Kinja”: have to do this manually, then I’m not confident in my ability to do so.

    The thing about Gravatars is that you’re asking someone to go sign up with a centralized site… most people hate that kind of thing (myself included).

    So, I donno. It’s something to do on a Sunday evening. Did you get your’s yet?

  • Well I’m signed up, loaded up, and confirmed, but I’m not seeing any pics for anyone here Ned…

  • Perhaps the Gravatar site is blocked at your work? I see your pirate icon.

    I also noticed that there is a spacing bug in IE & Firefox (PC-version only)…

    That’s what I get for testing on a mac.

  • Kay… I loaded mine in!

    Let’s see if it works.

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