Com­ments” are one of the most neglect­ed areas of this site, so I am hap­py to annouce that I final­ly got around to adding Gra­vatars func­tion­al­i­ty to this site’s com­ment post­ing. If you have a Gra­vatar, I’d love to have you post a com­ment and show it off. If you don’t have one, get one… they’re a nice way to per­son­al­ize your comments.

I’ve been admir­ing both Casey’s work on Jess’s weblog, and John Oxton’s impli­men­ta­tion, and cam­paign to reg­is­ter Gra­vatars… it’s kind of nice to see com­ments get their due…

I would sus­pect that the Six Apart peo­ple are think­ing about adding some­thing like this — it seems almost ready-made for Type­Key. But, we’ll see.

UPDATE: I noticed today that Waferba­by also added user icons…

UPDATE #2: Zooiblog too

6 Responses to “Gravatars”

  • Neat. I’ve been think­ing up a few dif­fer­ent options for Jess’ site in case main­tain­ing the pho­tos gets out of hand. I’d like to work on some geeky solu­tion (such as crawl­ing the com­menter’s url and find­ing an RSS feed with a site image :) but I think that hav­ing her pop in pho­tos for her reg­u­lars is work­ing well so far.

    It would be cool if peo­ple could main­tain glob­al avatars in a decen­tral­ized way — some­thing less .com and more seman­tic web.…

  • I agree… it would be cool to go get the com­menters’ “fav­i­con”: from their site (if they had one)… but, even this solu­tion excludes peo­ple with­out domains (or fav­i­cons). And, if sites like “Kin­ja”: have to do this man­u­al­ly, then I’m not con­fi­dent in my abil­i­ty to do so.

    The thing about Gra­vatars is that you’re ask­ing some­one to go sign up with a cen­tral­ized site… most peo­ple hate that kind of thing (myself included).

    So, I don­no. It’s some­thing to do on a Sun­day evening. Did you get your’s yet?

  • Well I’m signed up, loaded up, and con­firmed, but I’m not see­ing any pics for any­one here Ned…

  • Per­haps the Gra­vatar site is blocked at your work? I see your pirate icon.

    I also noticed that there is a spac­ing bug in IE & Fire­fox (PC-ver­sion only)…

    That’s what I get for test­ing on a mac.

  • Kay… I loaded mine in!

    Let’s see if it works.

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