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The Great Train Robbery Reunion

While in Buffalo last weekend, we took a break from family holiday activities and caught the Great Train Robbery reunion show at the Tralf. I’m much too young (27) to remember those guys from the 80s, but it was a fun show. Very 80s…

And, since our good friend runs the Tralf, we got free admission and drinks all night.

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New Apple Display

“”, posted by nedward

Christmas & my Birthday, within 3 days of each other… Put them together, and you get a new Apple 20" Cinema Display.

Everything looks more beautiful tonight.

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On turning 27

Thanks to everyone who came to my little birthday party last night. Presley did an amazing job organizing, and taking care of everything. I hope everyone had fun.

Here is an iMix of the playlist last night — Ned’s 27th Birthday Playlist.

There are 167 tracks on my playlist, but iTunes only has the rights to sell 104 of them… The full songlist is below the fold.

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No More Comments, for Now.

I had some trouble today — seems there was a Comment Spam attack, which caused my installation of MT and MTBLacklist to crash the hosting server.

So, my domains were suspended. Seems to be happening to a lot of people this month.

Comments are turned off for now. I probably will go with a TypeKey only option, though I may have trouble convincing my web host that everything will be stable.

Anyone have ideas? (besides “switch to WordPress”…)Email me.

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Provocative title, especially for this weblog… but, it doesn’t have anything remotely to do with what you may be imagining.

With Presley busy studying for her final exams, I’m on my own for dinner. What to do? Grab the Powerbook, and head for the Miracle, of course. Free wi-fi. Nice waitress. Beer. This is all the Modern Urban Male needs.

Why the silly entry title, then, you ask? Well, I’m getting to that.

I sit down, turn on my Powerbook, and order my Grilled Chicken Salad (with the most delicious lime-cilantro dressing), a pint of Bass. When the waitress leaves, i look down, and my computer is asking me if I want to join the Wireless network “MiracleSex”.

Needless to say, if I had been taking a pull on my Bass, I would have spit it out onto the tabletop.

Then I realized, I was sitting in the Miracle of Science, and was two doors down from Middlesex, a new lounge opened up by the same owners. They share the same wi-fi connection, so why not call it “MiracleSex”?


Oh, and in case you were wondering, I’m sitting in Cambridge, the largest city in Middlesex county.

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Ever try to fix something, only to manage to completely f*ck it up?

Apple keyboard, redefined. — the bluetooth kind.

1 spilt gin and tonic, 2 weeks of sticky keys, and now many, many melted keys.

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Karla turns 31

“Karla turns 31”, posted by nedward

Massimino’s, North End, Boston, MA

Get on the Map

I’ve been browsing through the links of Boston Weblogs by neighborhood, this weekend, and noticed that there are a lot of webloggers in Cambridge… Perhaps Cambridge deserves to be split into neighborhoods, like Boston? (Where are all you Boston folks?)

Adam of Boston Common is putting this all together, and he is promising a map for all those suburbanites out in the hinterlands. If you’re not listed, add yourself, already.

A couple of years ago, I was interested in creating a Boston weblog ‘T’ map, but it never got off the ground. I still think it is a good idea– an interactive map that displays webloggers’ locations. Alas, I have no time…

If you enjoy maps as much as I do:

UPDATE: Well, looks like Adam has been busy this weekend. As noted in his comment, Adam started the map: Weblogs by T stop. This is going to be fun…

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