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The Great Train Robbery Reunion

While in Buf­fa­lo last week­end, we took a break from fam­i­ly hol­i­day activ­i­ties and caught the Great Train Rob­bery reunion show at the Tralf. I’m much too young (27) to remem­ber those guys from the 80s, but it was a fun show. Very 80s…

And, since our good friend runs the Tralf, we got free admis­sion and drinks all night.

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New Apple Display”, posted by nedward

Christ­mas & my Birth­day, with­in 3 days of each oth­er… Put them togeth­er, and you get a new Apple 20″ Cin­e­ma Dis­play.

Every­thing looks more beau­ti­ful tonight.

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On turning 27

Thanks to every­one who came to my lit­tle birth­day par­ty last night. Pres­ley did an amaz­ing job orga­niz­ing, and tak­ing care of every­thing. I hope every­one had fun.

Here is an iMix of the playlist last night — Ned’s 27th Birth­day Playlist.

There are 167 tracks on my playlist, but iTunes only has the rights to sell 104 of them… The full songlist is below the fold.

Con­tin­ue read­ing ‘On turn­ing 27’

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No More Comments, for Now.

I had some trou­ble today — seems there was a Com­ment Spam attack, which caused my instal­la­tion of MT and MTBLack­list to crash the host­ing server.

So, my domains were sus­pend­ed. Seems to be hap­pen­ing to a lot of peo­ple this month.

Com­ments are turned off for now. I prob­a­bly will go with a Type­Key only option, though I may have trou­ble con­vinc­ing my web host that every­thing will be stable.

Any­one have ideas? (besides “switch to WordPress”…)Email me.

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Provoca­tive title, espe­cial­ly for this weblog… but, it does­n’t have any­thing remote­ly to do with what you may be imagining.

With Pres­ley busy study­ing for her final exams, I’m on my own for din­ner. What to do? Grab the Power­book, and head for the Mir­a­cle, of course. Free wi-fi. Nice wait­ress. Beer. This is all the Mod­ern Urban Male needs.

Why the sil­ly entry title, then, you ask? Well, I’m get­ting to that.

I sit down, turn on my Power­book, and order my Grilled Chick­en Sal­ad (with the most deli­cious lime-cilantro dress­ing), a pint of Bass. When the wait­ress leaves, i look down, and my com­put­er is ask­ing me if I want to join the Wire­less net­work “Mir­a­cle­Sex”.

Need­less to say, if I had been tak­ing a pull on my Bass, I would have spit it out onto the tabletop.

Then I real­ized, I was sit­ting in the Mir­a­cle of Sci­ence, and was two doors down from Mid­dle­sex, a new lounge opened up by the same own­ers. They share the same wi-fi con­nec­tion, so why not call it “Mir­a­cle­Sex”?


Oh, and in case you were won­der­ing, I’m sit­ting in Cam­bridge, the largest city in Mid­dle­sex coun­ty.

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Ever try to fix some­thing, only to man­age to com­plete­ly f*ck it up?

Apple key­board, rede­fined. — the blue­tooth kind.

1 spilt gin and ton­ic, 2 weeks of sticky keys, and now many, many melt­ed keys.

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Karla turns 31

Karla turns 31”, posted by nedward

Mas­simi­no’s, North End, Boston, MA

Get on the Map

I’ve been brows­ing through the links of Boston Weblogs by neigh­bor­hood, this week­end, and noticed that there are a lot of weblog­gers in Cam­bridge… Per­haps Cam­bridge deserves to be split into neigh­bor­hoods, like Boston? (Where are all you Boston folks?)

Adam of Boston Com­mon is putting this all togeth­er, and he is promis­ing a map for all those sub­ur­ban­ites out in the hin­ter­lands. If you’re not list­ed, add your­self, already.

A cou­ple of years ago, I was inter­est­ed in cre­at­ing a Boston weblog ‘T’ map, but it nev­er got off the ground. I still think it is a good idea– an inter­ac­tive map that dis­plays weblog­gers’ loca­tions. Alas, I have no time…

If you enjoy maps as much as I do:

UPDATE: Well, looks like Adam has been busy this week­end. As not­ed in his com­ment, Adam start­ed the map: Weblogs by T stop. This is going to be fun…

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