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The Pixies were inspiring… really, I’m amazed.

This is one of the bands that I listened to high school, and still listen to ten years later. Surfer Rosa was recorded at Q-Division, which once employed both my girlfriend, and my best friend. So, naturally, it meant a great deal to me to finally see the band live.

The crowd in Amherst was raucous, (but totally underage — damn all-ages show). Presley, Nobuko, Lindsey and I had a good time fighting off the kids and their “dancing”, despite the ban on beer sales inside the arena.

Wednesday night, in Lowell, was a bit different… we had 4 tickets, but I couldn’t have given them away. Presley had class, and Tbone bailed because of illness. Sadly, not what we expected.

Luckily, I made a new friend at work this past week, Stef, who came along. She had seen the Pixies in Europe back in the day, so I think she was as excited as I was. After getting lost several times in the hinterlands of Lowell, being unable to sell the extra tickets, and getting stuck in the parking garage for 90 minutes without moving, you might say it was an adventure.

But the music was the most important thing. Seeing Frank Black and Kim Deal sing together, hearing Joey riff the solo to Hey… wow.


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