Gigantic”, posted by nedward

The Pix­ies were inspir­ing… real­ly, I’m amazed.

This is one of the bands that I lis­tened to high school, and still lis­ten to ten years lat­er. Surfer Rosa was record­ed at Q‑Division, which once employed both my girl­friend, and my best friend. So, nat­u­ral­ly, it meant a great deal to me to final­ly see the band live.

The crowd in Amherst was rau­cous, (but total­ly under­age — damn all-ages show). Pres­ley, Nobuko, Lind­sey and I had a good time fight­ing off the kids and their “danc­ing”, despite the ban on beer sales inside the arena.

Wednes­day night, in Low­ell, was a bit dif­fer­ent… we had 4 tick­ets, but I could­n’t have giv­en them away. Pres­ley had class, and Tbone bailed because of ill­ness. Sad­ly, not what we expect­ed.

Luck­i­ly, I made a new friend at work this past week, Stef, who came along. She had seen the Pix­ies in Europe back in the day, so I think she was as excit­ed as I was. After get­ting lost sev­er­al times in the hin­ter­lands of Low­ell, being unable to sell the extra tick­ets, and get­ting stuck in the park­ing garage for 90 min­utes with­out mov­ing, you might say it was an adventure.

But the music was the most impor­tant thing. See­ing Frank Black and Kim Deal sing togeth­er, hear­ing Joey riff the solo to Hey… wow.


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