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I’ve been browsing through the links of Boston Weblogs by neighborhood, this weekend, and noticed that there are a lot of webloggers in Cambridge… Perhaps Cambridge deserves to be split into neighborhoods, like Boston? (Where are all you Boston folks?)

Adam of Boston Common is putting this all together, and he is promising a map for all those suburbanites out in the hinterlands. If you’re not listed, add yourself, already.

A couple of years ago, I was interested in creating a Boston weblog ‘T’ map, but it never got off the ground. I still think it is a good idea– an interactive map that displays webloggers’ locations. Alas, I have no time…

If you enjoy maps as much as I do:

UPDATE: Well, looks like Adam has been busy this weekend. As noted in his comment, Adam started the map: Weblogs by T stop. This is going to be fun…

2 Responses to “Get on the Map”

  • OK, check it out:


    Wicked rough around the edges (like, right now, just two actual stations, Central and Forest Hills), but the hard part is done – the image map (ugh, I hate doing ’em).

  • Wow, man. That’s fast work! Was it relatively easy to implement into your existing CMS? It seems like you have a lot of manual editing and moderating to do — but, that’s what makes a good community site, I guess.

    I couldn’t imagine doing the image map… they’re always tedious, but I’ve never done one so complex.

    Heh, I just looked at the source code for NYC, and it is crazy — all absolute positioned DIVs, and stuff. Someone spent an awful lot of time in Dreamweaver…

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