SixApart to buy LiveJournal?

There have been reports on the net in the past 48 hours, that SixApart, (creators of Moveable Type and TypePad), is set to buy LiveJournal.

Om Malik reports:

The deal is a mix of stock and cash, and could be announced sometime later this month, according to those close to the two companies. If the deal goes through, then Six Apart will become one of the largest weblog companies in the world, with nearly 6.5 million users. It also gives the company a very fighting chance against Google’s Blogger and Microsoft’s MSN Spaces.

Leaving aside the ever-present worries about SixApart’s ambitions, I’m scratching my head to figure out what LiveJournal could possibly offer. I suppose one could argue that MT, TypePad, and LJ occupy different segments of the weblogging market, each catering to different requirements and needs of its users.

But, still… LiveJournal?

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