Saab City

I dropped my 2000 9-3 off at the Framingham Saab today for its 30,000 mile major service, and was promised a “loaner” car. Great!, I thought… what a perfect opportunity to check out the new 2005 model, or maybe the new 9-2X, which is basically a fancied up Subaru? Right?

Wrong. I was handed the keys to a Purple Kia by an Enterprise Rep — automatic transmission, no CD player… (I wouldn’t have chosen this car, were I actually paying to rent it)

Swedish car owners are a specialty niche group, (and a very loyal one), much like Apple computer users. When someone buys a Saab, they are buying into a brand that is distinct from other car manufacturers, (and they pay a premium for that right).

When you step into a Saab or Volvo dealership, the first thing you notice is the modern, Scandinavian-style design. The woods are maple, the glass is curved, and the chairs look like they would cost $5000 at DWR.

So, if Brand is so important to Saab and its customers, why would they have such crappy loaners? I can’t imagine taking my Powerbook in for service, and being handed an eMachines pc for temporary use…

Another side note: this dealer sends me junk mail offers twice a month, asking if I’d like to upgrade to a later model. WTF?

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