Pauly Shore is Dead

Pauly & Snoop, in a promotional photo.

Pauly Shore is in Boston this week­end, to show and pro­mote his film, Pauly Shore is Dead, at the Coolidge, and we braved the 2 degree-cold to wait in line for the mid­night show­ing last night. Dur­ing a Q&A before the show­ing, Pauly spoke very elo­quent­ly about the project, which he wrote, direct­ed, pro­duced and financed (from his stand-up earnings).

I think we came for the kitsch val­ue of see­ing this fall­en icon from our youth — the Wiez… but left hav­ing thor­ough­ly enjoyed the film, for what it was.

Ordi­nar­i­ly, movies that fea­ture numer­ous cameos are quite a drag to watch… (Bruce Willis in Ocean’s Twelve comes to mind). But, not only does Pauly man­age to coup some real­ly fun­ny peo­ple, he also wedges them into his plot. Rico Suave sell­ing oranges on the side of the high­way, Todd Bridges play­ing the part of spir­i­tu­al men­tor and cell­mate, Tom Size­more & Michael Mad­sen with young girls, and Kurt Loder play­ing “diva” dur­ing his MTV News updates… all of these are pret­ty funny.

Go see Pauly & the film, tonight at the Coolidge, 12am. And, the DVD comes out on tues­day, jan­u­ary 25.

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