It was a long time com­ing, but I gave this weblog yet anoth­er design tweak, con­vert­ing the hor­rid image map nav­i­ga­tion to CSS-styled unordered lists.

This design has served me well for the past 2+ years… a major re-design has been in plan­ning for more than a year, but I almost enjoy tweak­ing this one more. There is val­ue in con­stan­cy.

The real motive for doing this, is that my cat­e­go­ry choic­es for posts have been lim­it­ed to the same 5: books, music, movies, fea­tures, and posts… I could­n’t add new cat­e­gories, because the image nav­i­ga­tion, and com­plex script­ing behind its dis­play would­n’t allow for it.

Stu­pid right? Design­ing with flex­i­bil­i­ty is some­thing that I am learn­ing… pix­el-per­fect, heav­i­ly-graph­i­cal sites can turn out to be a pigeonhole.

Maybe I just need­ed 2+ years to strip away, and un-design it to the point where the con­tent becomes the most impor­tant component.

Any­way, every­thing is a bit in flux at the moment, so there might be fur­ther changes to come.

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