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Per­haps my favorite night of our time in Vegas was Mon­day, when we escaped to the Strip for a bit of cul­ture… ear­lier this month, Cirque de Soleil opened at the MGM Grand, so we fig­ured, why not check it out?

We “splurged” for the cheap seats at $100 a pop. Steep, to be sure, but that still got us a decent view, cup-holders and speak­ers that were inte­grated into the head­rests. Pretty cool…

This show was unlike any the­atri­cal expe­ri­ence I’ve ever had—to start, there is no stage… or rather, the stage rises ver­ti­cally, spins, floats and dis­ap­pears, (made pos­si­ble by hydraulics). The actors work above a mas­sive empty “pit”, (an abyss into which count­less actors fall), per­form­ing an aston­ish­ing com­bi­na­tion of martial-arts, the famil­iar Cirque acro­bat­ics, and even an amaz­ing baton-twirling number.

This was all incred­i­bly exe­cuted, but what tied all of this together into a truly mag­i­cal illu­sion, were the light­ing and visual pro­jec­tions… absolutely un-real.

$200 mil­lion can buy you an eye-full…

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  • Evan Williams is up to some­thing new – help­ing users find pod­casts, and synch them to their iPods
    (cat­e­gories: iPod music web busi­ness)

Let the Sin begin

Let the Sin begin”, posted by ned­ward

Got back from Nevada on Wednes­day morn­ing, hav­ing fled the pour­ing rain, bright neon, and the sound of slot machines. We spent about a week in Nevada, which is far too long, con­sid­er­ing we didn’t get mar­ried or lose our life’s sav­ings… No, instead we made due with $2 forty-ounce lagers and the right to smoke any­where we please.

Lammy”, posted by ned­ward

It was good to be amongst scooter­ists again, though the rain kept us from rid­ing except on Sun­day… (when you think of desert, a con­stant soak­ing is not what pops to mind!). Mor­gan, aka Mr. Pants, is da’ man for hook­ing us up with his vin­tage Vespa GT to ride, (even though we swapped it for his Lammy, out of comfort).

rid­ing”, posted by ned­ward

The big Ride that we went on was Sun­day, out to Red Rock Canyon… we saw red rocks, and hap­pily rode the “scenic drive” on our one day of sunshine. Inbox Inbox seems to be down again… has any­body heard any­thing about its status?

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I am a micropatron

I am a micropatronJust arrived back from Vegas, and still catch­ing up on the web goings-ons, hav­ing been unplugged for nearly a week… that is a long time with­out a fix.

Mr. Kot­tke quit his job to blog full-time, so I sent a few bucks his way. You should, too.

This is where weblog­ging starts to get inter­est­ing — when you can make a liv­ing doing it, with your read­ers as your only shareholders…

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Vegas, baby…

Pres­ley and I are off to Vegas for nearly a week, to go to the High Rollers Week­end, AKA, the Las Vegas Scooter Rally. Mor­gan is the man, as he’s going to let us ride his gor­geous vin­tage Vespa GT while we’re there.

I’ve never actu­ally been west of Chicago, so I’m excited.

The weather, how­ever might not coop­er­ate. A quick glance at the 10-day fore­cast doesn’t make me hopeful.

Any­way, I’ll have pho­tos and all the details when we get back. The funny thing is, my par­ents called to say that they would be there at the same time… which seems just not right.

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dot org

If the site looks a lit­tle goofy right now, (ok, stop laugh­ing if you think it always looks goofy), hit refresh.

I’ve made some changes to the mast/logo, widened the con­tent area to hope­fully make the con­tent col­umn more read­able, and finally switched every­thing from a sub­do­main to the real deal:

I’ve been putting off mov­ing the domain for some time now, but through the mir­a­cle of .htac­cess files, I’ve hope­fully man­aged to make the move as pain­less as pos­si­ble — (and the 500+ archive pages) should still func­tion prop­erly, though I rec­om­mend you update your bookmarks!



I just noticed that Boston now has it’s very own… look­ing for­ward to check­ing it out.

Though, I can’t imag­ine what could be posted about this town that would be worth reading.


Peep­ers”, posted by ned­ward

I was brows­ing around the Goril­laz site today, kind of look­ing for­ward to the new record, and I stum­bled across a link to a Birm­ing­ham UK art col­lec­tive, Beat13. I really liked the illus­tra­tions done by Lucy Mclauch­lan, so I ordered a screen­print… only £53.00, lim­ited edi­tion of 200.

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Trados 6.5 dongle

dongleFor 2 years, work­ing in Local­iza­tion, I had to scram­ble around for a Tra­dos don­gle when­ever I had to do some analy­sis or Trans­la­tion Mem­ory main­te­nance. Though I work for a major local­iza­tion ven­dor, with global offices and almost 2000 employ­ees, we still had to share don­gles… expen­sive lit­tle buggers.

Today, how­ever, I finally received my own. I was so accus­tomed to the old Parallel-port ver­sion, that I was excited to get my hands on the smaller USB one.

Only prob­lem is, now I can’t use the excuse “I don’t have a don­gle“, when my boss asks why I’m not working.

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New Feeds

Some new Atom & RSS feeds added today…

First up, by request, I’m offer­ing feeds of my weblog, with­out the links… (some peo­ple really could care less about my bookmarks):

Also, I added feeds by Cat­e­gory… so, for instance, you could sub­scribe to just entries that I tag as Boston/Cambridge:

  • Syn­di­cate boston/cambridge: ATOM RSS

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Chili Dog

Dog”, posted by ned­ward

Mil­ton is totally a Patri­ots fan, am I right?

Nick and Marge hosted their 5th annual Super­bowl Chili cook-off, and Pres­ley and I entered with our Chili con Tequila y cerveza.

All of the entries were amaz­ing — look for other recipes on the Blog­ging Gourmets.

Go Pats!


I decided today to see how well or poorly this site val­i­dates, as it’s been ages since I’ve even looked– XHTML CSS 508

Over­all, not bad. How­ever, my beloved method for post­ing “cropped” Flickr pho­tos to my blog is not valid — plac­ing an anchor tag around some divs disses the rule that says “you can’t put a block-level ele­ment inside an inline ele­ment”.

But I like it.

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Colophon” update

Yet another refresh, I’ve res­ur­rected the colophon. Not much of inter­est here, but it does get its own place on the main menu…