Backups, Part II

My sched­uled back­up did­n’t go so well, the oth­er night. Appar­ent­ly, Déjà Vu copied the fold­er struc­ture, but could­n’t copy the files.

Obvi­ous­ly there is some kind of per­mis­sions issue here, but I’m won­der­ing if this is due to the fact that I’m copy­ing to a Win­dows PC… The app con­nects to the remote dri­ve just fine, and I can man­u­al­ly copy files to it — I just can’t seem to get this to work, though.

I’ll have to do a lit­tle more research (leave a com­ment if you have an idea!)… or else, on to rsync.

UPDATE: Ethan sug­gests ChronoSync:

I tried to be a good geek. I tried to like rsync — lord knows, I tried to like rsync.

3 Responses to “Backups, Part II

  • Rsync is cool. You can get rsync style back­ups (ie fast and not waste­ful) with a nice user inter­face on top by using Back­up­PC. I’ve used it for a cou­ple com­put­ers or (at my last job) for 200 com­put­ers. It’s pret­ty nice.”:

    (Yeah — it has “PC” in the name)

  • Ethan also rec­om­mends IMAP mail. Dear God, lis­ten to him. If you are using POP and keep­ing all your mail on one com­put­er, stop! IMAP IMAP IMAP. Many hosts give you IMAP access, lots of disk space, and web-based clients you can use when you are away from home. Take advantage.

  • I’ve been using IMAP since Suck­ahs was launched — but I am so ner­vous about back­ing shit up, that I POP every­thing to my local machine, just so I have a copy. This includes 2 Gmail accounts, as well.

    You trust every­thing to your web host?

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