Backups, Part II

My scheduled backup didn’t go so well, the other night. Apparently, Déjà Vu copied the folder structure, but couldn’t copy the files.

Obviously there is some kind of permissions issue here, but I’m wondering if this is due to the fact that I’m copying to a Windows PC… The app connects to the remote drive just fine, and I can manually copy files to it — I just can’t seem to get this to work, though.

I’ll have to do a little more research (leave a comment if you have an idea!)… or else, on to rsync.

UPDATE: Ethan suggests ChronoSync:

I tried to be a good geek. I tried to like rsync – lord knows, I tried to like rsync.

3 Responses to “Backups, Part II”

  • Rsync is cool. You can get rsync style backups (ie fast and not wasteful) with a nice user interface on top by using BackupPC. I’ve used it for a couple computers or (at my last job) for 200 computers. It’s pretty nice.


    (Yeah – it has “PC” in the name)

  • Ethan also recommends IMAP mail. Dear God, listen to him. If you are using POP and keeping all your mail on one computer, stop! IMAP IMAP IMAP. Many hosts give you IMAP access, lots of disk space, and web-based clients you can use when you are away from home. Take advantage.

  • I’ve been using IMAP since Suckahs was launched — but I am so nervous about backing shit up, that I POP everything to my local machine, just so I have a copy. This includes 2 Gmail accounts, as well.

    You trust everything to your web host?

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