To Integrate, or not to Integrate…

Matt Haugh­ey and Dave Shea have an inter­est­ing dis­cus­sion going, con­cern­ing the inte­gra­tion of posts, dai­ly links, and flickr pho­tos into sin­gle feeds, and why this sucks.

I’ve heard some grum­blings a while back about my deci­sion to fold my dai­ly links into my main blog. (Mr. Yovanoff, I’m look­ing at you…) But, I still feel that a post is a post is a post. Hav­ing “dailies” appear inline with oth­er con­tent not only pro­vides deep­er con­text, but it also moti­vates me to write about oth­er topics.

Per­haps I will research a method to strip out my posts (by MT cat­e­go­ry?), and pro­vide a feed sans links.

2 Responses to “To Integrate, or not to Integrate…”

  • I agree about the dai­ly links, but I guess it is bet­ter than no post­ing. I like to get all my news via nedward.

  • To clar­i­fy, I have no issue with hav­ing “dailies” con­tent appear­ing inline with reg­u­lar posts via the web — I agree, the addi­tion­al con­tent can add deep­er context.

    My issue is just what Dave Shea men­tions on his web­site — it’s all well and good when I load up a site in a brows­er and can skim the last n entries all on one page. It’s when I use some­thing like an RSS read­er where all of those dailies (or groups of dailies) now add to the count of total num­ber of updates for a site — and show up as sep­a­rate arti­cles that I have to click through…

    It changes my behav­ior for a site — I begin to treat it much like I do feeds for a news based site — where I might have 20 or 30 new items every time I load up my RSS read­er. I browse all of the head­lines, click on any few that inter­est me (invari­ably miss­ing some good arti­cles), mark all as read, and move on. I guess when I see 3 new entries show­ing for a more ‘per­son­al’ site, I give those 3 entries more weight than say, 3 new entries list­ed on

    Lots more to say on this, but I think Dave cap­tures the bulk of it. Just sep­a­rate ’em out man!
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