To Integrate, or not to Integrate…

Matt Haughey and Dave Shea have an interesting discussion going, concerning the integration of posts, daily links, and flickr photos into single feeds, and why this sucks.

I’ve heard some grumblings a while back about my decision to fold my daily links into my main blog. (Mr. Yovanoff, I’m looking at you…) But, I still feel that a post is a post is a post. Having “dailies” appear inline with other content not only provides deeper context, but it also motivates me to write about other topics.

Perhaps I will research a method to strip out my posts (by MT category?), and provide a feed sans links.

2 Responses to “To Integrate, or not to Integrate…”

  • I agree about the daily links, but I guess it is better than no posting. I like to get all my news via nedward.

  • To clarify, I have no issue with having “dailies” content appearing inline with regular posts via the web – I agree, the additional content can add deeper context.

    My issue is just what Dave Shea mentions on his website – it’s all well and good when I load up a site in a browser and can skim the last n entries all on one page. It’s when I use something like an RSS reader where all of those dailies (or groups of dailies) now add to the count of total number of updates for a site – and show up as separate articles that I have to click through…

    It changes my behavior for a site – I begin to treat it much like I do feeds for a news based site – where I might have 20 or 30 new items every time I load up my RSS reader. I browse all of the headlines, click on any few that interest me (invariably missing some good articles), mark all as read, and move on. I guess when I see 3 new entries showing for a more ‘personal’ site, I give those 3 entries more weight than say, 3 new entries listed on

    Lots more to say on this, but I think Dave captures the bulk of it. Just separate ’em out man!
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