Backups, Part III

Hur­rah! Con­tin­u­ing the saga, I was search­ing through the Déjà Vu help, I stum­bled upon this lit­tle nugget of information:

IMPORTANT: If you are back­ing up to a Win­dows serv­er, you must use the ‘Con­nect’ but­ton in the ‘Auto-Con­nect’ tab to mount the vol­ume before you select the source and des­ti­na­tion fold­ers (in the ‘What’ and ‘Where’ columns). If you select the source and des­ti­na­tion fold­ers when the vol­ume has been mount­ed by the Find­er, Déj? Vu will not be able to find the des­ti­na­tion when it auto-con­nects to the vol­ume at back­up time.

No kid­ding. I did as asked, and 30 sec­onds lat­er, I’m back­ing up to the WinXP box in the clos­et. Effort­less

Thanks to every­one who sug­gest­ed alter­nate solu­tions — this is real­ly the best and sim­plest for my needs. Yea, it’ll take for­ev­er over the Wire­less “G” net­work, but I’ve got it sched­uled for 3am, once a week. Should be okay.

3 Responses to “Backups, Part III

  • I’ve got pret­ty much the same set­up run­ning here on my home net­work. Déj? Vu? Vu is effort­less as long as you see that lit­tle hint in the help files. It might not take as long as you think to back up over wire­less. My power­book con­nects to my Air­port Extreme base sta­tion, and my win­dows serv­er is hard-wired to my router, and from the look of the logs in Déj? Vu, it takes about 1.5 hours to back up all my impor­tant data (~3.5 GB).

  • Yea, it’d be nice to have it hard wired, but that isn’t an option unless I want to bring the PC out of the clos­et. The whole idea was less clut­ter… so, it real­ly does take a while to do the ini­tial backup.

  • Yeah, the ini­tial back­up takes a while, but after that, the incre­men­tal back­ups take no time at all. For me at least. I sup­pose if you down­load a ton of stuff, it would take a bit longer…

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