Backups, Part III

Hurrah! Continuing the saga, I was searching through the Déjà Vu help, I stumbled upon this little nugget of information:

IMPORTANT: If you are backing up to a Windows server, you must use the ‘Connect’ button in the ‘Auto-Connect’ tab to mount the volume before you select the source and destination folders (in the ‘What’ and ‘Where’ columns). If you select the source and destination folders when the volume has been mounted by the Finder, Déj? Vu will not be able to find the destination when it auto-connects to the volume at backup time.

No kidding. I did as asked, and 30 seconds later, I’m backing up to the WinXP box in the closet. Effortless

Thanks to everyone who suggested alternate solutions — this is really the best and simplest for my needs. Yea, it’ll take forever over the Wireless “G” network, but I’ve got it scheduled for 3am, once a week. Should be okay.

3 Responses to “Backups, Part III”

  • I’ve got pretty much the same setup running here on my home network. Déj? Vu? Vu is effortless as long as you see that little hint in the help files. It might not take as long as you think to back up over wireless. My powerbook connects to my Airport Extreme base station, and my windows server is hard-wired to my router, and from the look of the logs in Déj? Vu, it takes about 1.5 hours to back up all my important data (~3.5 GB).

  • Yea, it’d be nice to have it hard wired, but that isn’t an option unless I want to bring the PC out of the closet. The whole idea was less clutter… so, it really does take a while to do the initial backup.

  • Yeah, the initial backup takes a while, but after that, the incremental backups take no time at all. For me at least. I suppose if you download a ton of stuff, it would take a bit longer…

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