Trados 6.5 dongle

dongleFor 2 years, working in Localization, I had to scramble around for a Trados dongle whenever I had to do some analysis or Translation Memory maintenance. Though I work for a major localization vendor, with global offices and almost 2000 employees, we still had to share dongles… expensive little buggers.

Today, however, I finally received my own. I was so accustomed to the old Parallel-port version, that I was excited to get my hands on the smaller USB one.

Only problem is, now I can’t use the excuse “I don’t have a dongle“, when my boss asks why I’m not working.

4 Responses to “Trados 6.5 dongle”

  • Ok, not being a part of the savvy computer gadget world, this dongle looks like a dildo with which to diddle. And sharing them? Wow! I think I might say “I don’t have a dongle” at work every now and then just to throw people off…

  • that is so totally nasty, jill. I would expect that kind of comment from Presley, but certainly not you!


  • Ultimate Power Dongles!

    In my day, we had parallel dongles only, and that’s the way we liked it. Well, no one liked it… but I liked it when the company’s in-house translation memory software went open source and didn’t need a dongle any more… for like a week…and then projects started requiring Trados. And then I ran screaming out the door.

  • Wow, that’s one nice looking dongle (and I mean it.. I’ve seen the “regular” dongles!)

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